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Hello cuties,
your favorite Mod here!

Since I see million of threads saying some repeatable questions, I decided to reply to them as mod.
Put interesting questions for me to answer, I will keep answering them, these questions that will be repeated and/or I will like them will be added to this thread.
"Official Answers" LMAO

How do Roles Work?
- There are 7 roles:
> User - Default, No activity, New Member
> Cheater & Real Cheater - Get these roles by Replying to threads and Chatting in chat on the main page
> Elite - Special person, you most likely talk with staff a lot and/or they like you
> Developer - You publish YOUR software/cheats here on website and you are approved developer
> Moderator - THATS MEEE!!!!!
> Owner - OMG??? ?D? REL"A KATE? ?1?? !??

Any *insert game here* cheats?
- Maybe, have you've tried the Navigation on left?

Can you guys make *insert game here* cheats?
- No, or maybe.. Ask Developers instead.
- Our site Reposts Verified cheats that are legit and work just fine.

- I searched thru reddit the other day, any of you that is part of r/csgohacks and you say we repost Malware, please learn how cheats work and why its detected, OR EVEN BETTER, start using your brains lmao

Okey, thats all for now, more questions down bellow please

Your lovely Moderator - RussianAirplane kissing_heart 
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  1. cheesecake101
    28 December 2020 19:57
    What is the programming type for cheats

    1. RussianAirplane
      RussianAirplane · rus#3356
      1 January 2021 20:41
      if u mean "Coding language"
      for external u would most probably use C# - BUT its possible to make one with C++ too
      for internal C++

  2. almirant
    Real Cheater
    23 December 2020 22:01
    how many people have elite role?

    1. RussianAirplane
      RussianAirplane · rus#3356
      26 December 2020 22:39
      Cant rly tell ya, i believe its around 10 to 20ppl, very rare

  3. i chety
    23 December 2020 16:21
    When is the 1.53 Gta online cheats coming out?

    1. RussianAirplane
      RussianAirplane · rus#3356
      23 December 2020 18:15
      No, or maybe.. Ask Developers instead.

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gorz gorz

Can you please tell me how you can activate it ? the trigger button doesn't work

momomol23 momomol23

can you tell me what beta i have to use? gmghost doesnt load on either of the chromium branches

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