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Great hack M0ne0N Project for playing CS:GO. This cheat is a fully working Legit software for the game CSGO with which You can easily occupy only the top positions in the game table. Cheat well manifested itself in classic modes and competitive mode, the probability that You will notice the patrol is very low, of course it all depends on your settings, but for this we have attached for you a free legit cfg on M0ne0N Project.

As I mentioned this cheat contains only one function, it is a function of Legit with the ability to edit through a convenient hack menu. The menu is called on the Insert key and adapts to You without any problems, everything is neatly and competently done. The cheat was released only yesterday and therefore there may be a variety of bugs and problems when running, but the author claims that the cheat will be supported for a very long time, which will allow you to play quietly with the cheat in CSGO on legit settings.

- Legitbot
- Glow
- Chams
- No hands
- Spectator list
- Rank reveal
- Third person
- Bunny hop
- Auto strafe


KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 19:53:34 +0300
Interium - free legit hack

The Aimbot Feature. Thanks to this function, you can customize your shooting, make it invisible or Vice versa aggressive thereby getting only on the head of the enemy. You can also easily switch the shooting and under the other part of the body, adjust the impact, shooting accuracy, etc.
Function Wallhack or ESP. These two auxiliary functions will make your enemies visible behind any fence on the map. It can be walls, boxes, barrels, doors, etc. TriggerBot function will direct your fire at your enemies without your participation, you can easily change the range, speed and accuracy.]]>
KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 17:45:55 +0300

Your attention is a free cheat on CS:GO with one working and necessary function - a function of CS: GO Wallhack. Thanks to this feature, you can see your enemies behind any textures on the map, it can be ordinary boxes, barrels, doors and even walls. Yes, Yes, you heard right, you can see your enemies in the long distance behind any obstacle on the map. You just need to run the cheat and enable it with the hot keys.

We can very easily say that this cheat CS:GO Wallhack absolutely does not contain advertising and viruses. It works on low-end computers, on the Steam version of the game, as well as on the Nosteam version of the game. Download and enjoy easy


KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 17:43:30 +0300
SecretProject - ESP, Bhop, Night Mode

The functionality at the moment is not great, but over time it will be updated and improved, and You can help with comments, report ideas and problems, we will report them to the author of this hack. But, now the cheat can already boast of features such as: ESP (where there are beautiful visual effects), Chams, Bhop and interesting in my opinion the function Night Mode, which makes your game even more interesting.

Player ESP:
Weapon Names
Night Mode
Save Config
Load Config
Delete Config
Create Config

KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 17:24:50 +0300
In fact, we thought that already posted this free cheat OSIRIS MULTIHACK on CS:GO, but it turns out it is not in our file archive. That is why we are glad to provide you with a free working hack OSIRIS MULTIHACK on CSGO which you can download from our website without any additional downloads. All you need to know about this hack is that it works all the functions at the time of its publication on our website, you can edit and configure absolutely any function through the hack menu, which is called on the Insert key.

The most top-end and highly customizable features are Aimbot and Wallhack (ESP). On the screenshot you can see beautiful visual effects, you can also customize them yourself. See full instructions under the spoiler. Good luck!

1).Download cheat
2).Inject using injector made by gerasss

3).press insert to open cheat

Note : Vmprotect the dll if you want to be extra safe .
Note : dont use extreme injector
Note : Don't RAGE if you dont want VAC. I AM not responsible for anything .


KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 07:44:52 +0300
AimFall - Legit/Rage Hack
Great hack AimFall on CSGO which is suitable for both Amateurs and experienced hackers. Cheat is still raw and so there may be problems in the work, bugs and crashes, but the author claims that every next update will fix these errors. Hack AimFall working and completely free, you do not need anywhere to register or look for the injector to run it, everything is prepared and you just have to run this cheat and enjoy the easy frags.

According to the functions, the hack is mainly configured for a quiet game, that is, you can use it both for games on official servers and for games on classic public servers. You can also set it up for the game and try your luck on the servers for cheaters. Again, the main functions are LegitBot and RageBot with the ability to configure through the hack menu, which is called on the INSERT key. Full features and functions of the hack you can see under the spoiler below this entry.

 -Aimbot FOV (0-50)
 -Aimbot Smooth (0-20)
 -Aim hitbox (nearst,head,neck,body, throax, chest)
 -Draw FOV
 -Ignore walls
 -RCS (Recoil Control System)
 -RCS X (0-100)
 -RCS Y (0-100)
 -RCS based FOV
 -RCS shot delay
 -Kill delay
 -Triggerbot key
 -Triggerbot Delay (0-100ms)
 -Triggerbot Hitchance (0-100%)
 -Triggerbot Hitbox (head,body,misc)
 -Triggerbot/aimbot ignore team
 -Triggerbot/aimbot smoke check
 -Triggerbot/aimbot flash check
 -Aimbot FOV (0-180)
 -Anti-Aim pitch (emotion,down,up,zero)
 -Anti-Aim yaw (backwards,spinbot,lowerbody,freestanding)
 -Anti-Aim desync
 -Auto Zeus // nie działa
 -Auto Scope
 -Auto Crouch
 -Auto Stop
 -Hitchance (0-100)
 -Minimum Damage (0-100)
 -Baim after x shoots (0-10)
 -Hitscan (head,neck,chest,stomach,pelvis,arms,legs,foot)
 -Target selection (nearst,health)
 -Multipoint (head,neck,chest,stomach,pelvis,arms,legs,foot)
 -Fakelag (0-16)
 -Slowwalk (0-100)
 -Slowwalk key
 -Ignore Team
 -Visible Only
 -ItemESP distance
 -Danger Zone all items ESP
 -Dropped Weapons
 -Planted C4
 -Spread crosshair
 -Custom Crosshair
 -No Visual Recoil
 -No flash
 -Remove Scope
 -Thirdperson key
 -Cheat watermark
 -Esp Color changer (chams,esp,team,enemy,visible,unvisible)
 -Skin changer
 -Fast Duck
 -Cheat clantag
 -Spectactor list
 -Fov Changer
 -Force in scope

KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 07:42:22 +0300
Warface LSW [EU] - ESP, AimLines, TriggerBot

Of All the functions, and there are plenty of them here, I would like to highlight such functions as ESP (WALLHACK) which will highlight your enemies with color and thus make them visible behind any obstacles on the map (texture) and the TriggerBot function, which will automatically direct your weapon at the moving figure of the enemy and thus when shooting from a weapon You will get only on target, without scattering bullets.


- Name ESP
- Silhouettes
- Aim lines
- Crosshair
- Triggerbot ( Normal & direct bullets to head )

KATE Tue, 23 Apr 2019 07:32:52 +0300 free cheat + cfg
A good hack for CSGO which may please many of our users and site visitors. This cheat is like HVH arena and Legit game. Everything is in your hands, You will be able to configure this software through a convenient menu or use the ready CFG settings, all you need is to download CFG through this very menu hack.

There is nothing unique, everything you need and recognizable in the hack industry. You should not have any difficulty installing and configuring it. All ready, you just have to run the injector with .dll file, open the menu via the INSERT hotkey and enjoy the easy snippets. For convenience, we have added a customized CFG for You, which YOU can download from our forum.


KATE Sun, 21 Apr 2019 18:26:05 +0300
Project Infinity - private legit [crack]
Super private Legit hack on CSGO under the name of Project Infinity, which today You can download from our website and play with it on the official servers of Valve and not get BANNED for their actions. This hack is private and available only when purchased, but You can try it out for free in working order, test all the features and much more. Many thanks to the author of crack Bulb1992, who kindly provided us with this great hack on CS:GO.

By tradition, I have to describe the features and talk about the features of this hack, but there is no time, because the developers have already discovered the problem and in the next two days to fix this error, which means the crack version will not be available to everyone. According to the instructions in the form you can see how to run this hack and generally have an idea what You are downloading. Good luck!

KATE Sun, 21 Apr 2019 18:02:15 +0300

Good hack INTERNALPAST - Multihack which You can download for free from our website. This time the developers of the hacks "dk678910" provided us with another working cheat on CSGO INTERNALPAST, which was developed on the basis of the Osiris hack. At the moment, the cheat has the status of reliable, which will allow You to play on all game servers Valve and not be afraid of global blocking anti-cheat VAC.

Hack INTERNALPAST we have classified as Multihack, because it has a considerable number of features that will be able To serve you both for Legit games and for Rage games, it all depends on You and your ability to configure the hack. Want a great Aimbot for flawless shooting? please, here it is present, or maybe You want a fully working Wallhack? and here the cheat INTERNALPAST will please You, because all the functions are configured to automatism and You just have to choose them. Hack also has other functions such as KnifeChanger.

KATE Sun, 21 Apr 2019 17:50:55 +0300