DannyHax Simple Menu - Wallhack, X-Ray, Aimbot, ESP, SuperKIll

  • Developer: DannyHAX
  • Status:
  • Updated: 12.06.19
  • Current version: v24.4 [12/06/2019]
It turns out that among our users there are fans to play crossfire and that's why especially for You we put you another working hack on CrossFire DannyHax Simple Menu - Wallhack, X-Ray, Aimbot, ESP, SuperKIll. This hack has its support and is updated almost every day, which will allow you to play with this hack constantly and are not afraid of the ban, because the developer updates it and monitors the comments, improves the cheat and brings it to an ideal state.

Cheat boasts a very large functionality, there are all your favorite features like: Wallhack, AImbot, X-Ray, BunnyHop, as well as rare but popular features like: SuperKIll Body 30%, Walk Speed, AntiChat and many other functions. You will be able to try out these features by downloading this hack for free from our website, without viruses and advertising. If you have any problems or bugs, please report them in the comments.

Don't Use Around 4pm to 9pm Daily to Avoid Disconnection Problem And Banned of your Account. /gewd
If gusto mo talaga mag-Cheat around 5pm to 9pm Use Dummy Account or Smiley First na lang para makasiguro if Detected na ba yung Cheat o hindi. If hindi Detected You can Use your Main Account. /gewd

If natagalan ka po about sa "Please Wait..." Please Download New Version na po tayo.

» Use Your Dummy Account First.
» I am not responsible if your account got - Banned, Suspended etc.
» Use Left Mouse to enable or disable hack. Press Insert for hide/show menu.
» Use At Your Own Risk.

Free Download DannyHax Simple Menu - Wallhack, X-Ray, Aimbot, ESP, SuperKIll

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  1. Gabrielshakur
    11 September 2021 19:04
    haw to download

  2. jamescalcitasii
    15 August 2020 10:11

  3. Edzel Joshua Cawaling
    10 August 2020 06:26

  4. paozin33
    22 June 2019 07:33
    Work in CF AL?

  5. itzlit
    Real Cheater
    itzlit · ITZLIT#6217
    16 June 2019 01:17
    Not bad, kid

  6. W1ntor
    16 June 2019 00:13
    works fine thank you :)

  7. GreekOv3rKiller
    Real Cheater
    13 June 2019 20:17
    well nice cheat. I can say that you did perfect job.

  8. okky_duck777
    13 June 2019 05:41
    please share how to use in emulator first time. thanks

  9. kosekhar2
    Real Cheater
    12 June 2019 15:42
    what is this game?

    1. DragonSlayer148
      Real Cheater
      13 June 2019 00:14
      my guy

New Comments
amirdr1388 amirdr1388

If vac update don't care u don't cheat now and care to before codes u used and 1 report or more u got so u will ban when old codes detected

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

I buy new cheat wall and trriger and aim bot and bomb timer no ban 2 $ there is no buny jump because it ban u and also this cheat didn't ban for 7 years . It has no fps drop

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

use display mode full screen window or window mode

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

I didn't listen whats other saying and cheat now I banned on his discord say no ban they also will ban too. did u know never lose cheat will ban? trag 1 on premeir were neverlose he banned

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

bro now cheat is undetected but not all rage but and any thing on aimbot and bunny hop will ban u and wall hack will give u red trust automutccly

after red trust will overwatch , overwatch looks at all your match first day look at that match u r playing then matches u played and done ban for ever or best for 3 mounth

listen all cheaters here saying will ban I am saying too we know codes and more pls don't use if u like your acc