CrossFire Cheat RedXBit - Aimbot, Recoil, ESP | CF West x64

  • Developer: TheGe2k, REClass
  • Status:
  • Updated: 29.06.21
  • Current version: V1.0.0
I am glad to provide you with another release of the hack for the game CrossFire. This time, a free RedXBit cheat on CrossFire from the developer TheGe2k. This is a multifunctional cheat that has all the necessary functions for a pleasant game, you can use the functionality for an inconspicuous game, or for an aggressive game.

CrossFire Cheat
There is a perfectly customizable NoRecoil function, support for the ESP (Wallhack) function with which you can see enemies through walls, as well as an excellent Aimbot that will shoot for you directly at the target without missing, other settings for adjusting the sight and much more.

Cheat Requirements

  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2019. [x86], [x64]
  • x64 OS (Windows) Version.

How to run It?

  1. Download any x64 Injector from: (I Prefer to use Extreme Injector V3 or Xenos Injector).
  2. Download DLL From Attachments.
  3. Pick dll to Injector.
  4. Open Game then Click on Inject DLL.

How to Enable Features?

  • You can use Mouse. [ Left Click to Enable - Right Click to Disable ]
  • You can use Keyboard Arrows too.
  • Click Insert to SHOW/HIDE Menu.

Free Download CrossFire Cheat RedXBit - Aimbot, Recoil, ESP | CF West x64

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  1. MarSPUNK
    6 September 2021 14:32
    TNX for cheating new updates

  2. JakeEpps
    26 August 2021 23:22

    don't work now

  3. absun
    7 August 2021 07:40

    How to download DDL ?? Idont know how to downlaod it


  4. zack caelum
    5 July 2021 10:41

    thanlk you


  5. pedrocheats
    1 July 2021 21:24

    I click on "Insert" but no menu open, why?


  6. She3naLyn
    30 June 2021 18:44

    game closes but working


    1. She3naLyn
      30 June 2021 19:03
      also works but im stuck in log in an error occurred

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dicho dicho

The most prominent of these will be your agent character and the gloves you are using and then the items that are selected are a knife or a gun.

Yes, they can view it, it will only be visible in the lobby waiting room.

dicho dicho

Don't give false information, the only place where the changed skins can be seen is the lobby waiting area.

dicho dicho

You must be imagining things

What good is it in a finished game

dicho dicho

How many times do I have to tell you that the passwords are 123?

dicho dicho

You can no longer run outdated csgo cheats