TerranovaPH - ESP, AIM, Bhop, Fast Defuse, Full Damage

  • Developer: weewoo
  • Status:
  • Updated: 28.07.20
  • Current version: 28.07.2020
A cool free cheat on CrossFire is available on our website. To your attention, a cheat called TerranovaPH with a convenient menu and excellent functionality for a pleasant game. The cheat is developed by the ramleague community and the weewoo developer, for which we thank them. The cheat is very easy to start and use, the hack is controlled using the working menu that can be called directly during the game. TerranovaPH is constantly updated to help protect your account from being blocked.

The functionality here is not bad, there are all the necessary functions. ESP (Wallhack) - this function will highlight players and thus make them visible through the textures on the map, in addition, the number of health, nickname and distance to the player will be displayed. There is also a working Aimbot that will improve your shooting, make it accurate. In the menu of the TerranovaPH hack, you can also enable Bhop, Fast Defuse, Full Damage and other features.

The cheat will be available for download tomorrow, but it has now been deleted due to an error during connection. 
Stay tuned on our website.

Free Download TerranovaPH - ESP, AIM, Bhop, Fast Defuse, Full Damage

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The file has been deleted
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  1. tutoy.0001
    15 January 2021 07:58

    bayt d gumagana

  2. joran125
    18 October 2020 04:27
    pwede ba mo cheat pls

  3. godlee224
    2 August 2020 11:00

  4. lothusdll
    29 July 2020 19:24
    https://prnt.sc/tqnqm5 help

  5. donkey9ass
    29 July 2020 12:36
    does it work on crossfire west?

New Comments
richardwbkr richardwbkr

I tried to inject using process hacker but failed:

Unable to inject DLL into SoTGame.exe (PID:25648): Access denied.

Can anyone help?pls.

hanyshoaib hanyshoaib

update the hack please 3.3 why take so long 

Julia00 Julia00

When you are in game:
1. Press tab to open menu and tab again to close it (you will not see cursor still but wait)
2. Without cursor try to open SETTINGS > GRAPHICS > change display mode to windowed
3. Use Alt + tab and choose genshin impact window (do it until cursor show up)
4. You can now go back to fullscreen

^ try this if just "alt+tab" dont work