GTATunersScriptGenZ Cheat Table

  • Developer: GassyNull
  • Status:
  • Updated: 28.06.23
  • Current version: 4.2 for GTA v1.67

Hack for the game GTA V Online - GTATunersScriptGenZ Cheat Table download for free. This table contains the best cheats, scripts and hacks for the game GTA 5 Online. If you want to use more gaming features unlike other players on the server in online gta, then this cheat table is created especially for you.

GTATunersScriptGenZ Cheat Table Free Download

This is the second version of the cheat table from the developer GassyNull. In this version, there is much more functionality, convenient control of functions, and also using this cheat you will not get banned in the game GTA V Online.

Using this cheat table for GTA Online, you will be able to manage such functions as: weapon setup, transport management, player management, world management, free car tuning, casino hacking, fast running, high jump, player rating cheat, getting any amount of money, teleport and much more. Run this hack yourself and try all these and other functions yourself.

How to use GTATunersScriptGenZ Cheat Table 

  1. You need to install Cheat Engine.
  2. Open GTA 5 first.
  3. Open Cheat Engine.
  4. Load GTA5TunersGenZ 4.2 for v1.67.ct-- or just open the file.
  5. Tick 'Activate Table' -- Cheat Engine will automatically attach to GTA5.exe process.
  6. Have fun!

Update 4.2:

- (v4.2p1) Added instruction links for Outfit editor under "Outfit Editors/Sorted Instructions..".

- (v4.2p1) Patched 2 issues with previous version with "Stop Cutscene" and a Playerslist issue testing for -1 index.

Free Download GTATunersScriptGenZ Cheat Table

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    23 December 2022 07:47

    Im just telling bc i know a lot of ppl want to know,

    It is still working and will work as long as rockstar dont fix cheat engine problems, it is safe unless you do stupids things like flying in public lobby, killing everyone or self giving money like a dumbass, 

    However for money, u can still do the car sell trick but dont abuse it (like 1 or 2mil a day, really), same goes for rp

    So, nothing obious in open lobby, no abusing of money and CLEAR LOGS (by clearing logs i mean whenver u do a high purchase go buy some useless stuff so that your high purchase wont be in rockstar history, at least not in first, and when you give yourself money with the car selling trick, try to earn money multiple time by any means after that for the same reasons)

    If you respect all of those things, i can guarante you wont get ban.

    Hope i helped and sorry if the english is bad its not my native and huge thanks to the othors it must have been hella long coding those scripts lmao

    PS no the menu dont have the option for the car trick, but u can find a lot of vids about this

  2. pixil-frame-0
    19 April 2023 12:36


  3. daynight
    1 February 2023 22:06

    It dosen't work anymore idk why i can't span vehicles or weapons

  4. sutirth
    19 December 2021 12:52

    update it... please 

    not working on new DLC

  5. daddy chill
    6 November 2021 16:33

    How can i give my self more money?


    1. Pacidisapussy
      15 December 2021 22:51
      buy max credits, rig the slot machine and bet all your credits

      buy max credits, rig the slot machine and bet all your credits

  6. akkiwi_
    30 October 2021 21:31

    verry hard to use for me but still work