Triggerbot Menu for GTA V Online [v1.59]

  • Developer: kx#9941
  • Status:
  • Updated: 07.05.22
  • Current version: v1.11

A new simple cheat menu for GTA V Online v1.59, which has only one function Triggerbot. For those who have all very bad with the shooting in this game, Triggerbot will help you. Triggerbot - cheat, which himself shoots when the player aims at the enemy. Allows you to come out the winner of almost any duel. If you carefully use this software, the chance to get a ban will be minimal. From time to time on the page cheat will be updated - stay tuned and try to use the current version of the cheat. Running the cheat is pretty simple, you do not need to download additional injector, you only need to run the game and the .exe cheat itself.


  • V1.11 is out because a bug was causing the signature to not get found. It should work now. It has been confirmed to work with steam and epic games

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  1. MaratWC
    5 June 2022 19:29

    I dont have numpad

  2. daddysgonefeelsbadman69746
    28 May 2022 02:30

    thanks dude, i'm now a god with the heavy mk2

    just make sure you're in an online lobby first

    1. majpuddin
      11 December 2022 00:33

      any bans so far?

New Comments

calm bro if you dont like it you can search for another cheats ! easy <3

nutela_bose nutela_bose

i keep getting the error "46 - Error: Problem getting flash information."
anyone know if im doing something wrong or if theres a fix?

kingdog123 kingdog123

stupid well deserve. your stupidness is high off the roof