Wasabi Unlocker - Stat Editor | GTA V Online 1.67

  • Developer: ShinyWasabi
  • Status:
  • Updated: 19.08.23
  • Current version: 0.6

Wasabi Unlocker - Stat Editor | GTA V Online 1.66

To date, this tool is the best stat editor for GTA V Online. Using this cheat in the game will open a lot of opportunities. You will be able to edit not only player statistics, but also unlock awards and achievements, get locked weapons, edit Int, Float, Bool, and many other features that will be useful to every player in GTA.

At the moment, the cheat is completely safe and supports the latest version of the game (1.66). The developer claims that the cheat will be updated with the release of new versions, additional new features will be added, and the protection system will be improved.


- Set player rank, Arena War tier & Car Meet REP rank.
- Packed Stat Editor.
- Write Packed Bools between a range.
- Int, Float, and Bool editor.
- Unlock Awards and Achievements.
- Unlock almost all the special items in the game.
- Global Editor.
- Get the disabled weapons.
- Enable/Disable Packed Bools.
- Some helpful options.
- Basic Heist Editor.

How to use cheat:

Use any working injector that supports GTA V Online.

For example, Xenos or any other injector

Menu open - INS (INSERT)


ShinyWasabi, 1337Nexo, fangshun2004, pocakking, sub1to, CheatChris, SLON, Killa B, TheTamsin, TezFunz2, jkNX, polivilas

Updated 0.6:

- Added cutscene & animation player
- Added show active script threads
- Added mass write/read locals
- Added freeze time
- Added seatbelt
- Added random events tab:
Set them active, set custom cooldown, display their states, show their spawn locations, and more (Drug Vehicle, Sleeping Guard, Smuggler Trail, Smuggler Plane, Cerberus, Crime Scene, Metal Detector, Gang Convoy, Store Robbery, Weazel Bank, Armoured Truck, Possessed Animals)
- Added show daily collectibles' spawn locations
- Added checks to prevent teleporting to collectibles that already collected
- Added show number of Exotic Export vehicles delivered
- Added show active Exotic Export vehicle
- Added show par times for Time Trials
- Added teleport forward, backward, up, and down
- Added show the time passed since session created (credit to @WickedHeis)
- Added show current safe values for Nightclub, Arcade, and Agency (credit to @WickedHeis for inspiration)
- Added settings tab for preferences
- Added hotkeys for teleport to waypoint and objective (all credit goes to YimMenu for imgui hotkey function)
- Added joaat hash calculator
- Added a warning message in case a different game version is detected
- Re-designed helpful stuff section
- Re-designed packed stat editor

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  1. ZOZO_skull
    8 November 2023 14:38

    needs update

  2. amirht
    21 August 2023 18:53

    add money ????

    1. abbas12222
      23 August 2023 22:20

      I faced the same problem did you solve it

  3. mafiarangerxd
    mafiarangerxd · Heimeric
    18 July 2023 03:31

    goated unlocker, rank editor works as well!

    keep it up bruh!

  4. DatzFrozen
    DatzFrozen · Paper#9338
    14 July 2023 13:48

    What's the best injector for this? Xenos doesn't work for me

    1. Jade21st
      20 August 2023 04:52

      For me "Whitesun injector" it's here under injectors section it's easy to use just one click boom you ready to go as long as you don't close the cmd looking window you need that for logs/monitoring just minimize it to taskbar.

    2 June 2023 01:49


  6. cxc
    25 May 2023 11:47

    Does it work?

  7. nihsd9ghsasdf
    19 April 2023 19:51

    how do  run this?
    do i open the dll after the game is launched, or do i put it into the game folder ?

    1. rust_20_swamp
      14 June 2023 14:58

      you need a injector