How to update a crack if I have dll but I'm not owner or uploader of the crack?

Hi! So someone fixed a crack and I wanted to update it but I'm not the publisher. Is there a way to update it?
It is NullCore version 2020.
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  1. chater123
    25 February 2021 21:30
    can u just give it to me on discord? pl#8202

  2. RussianAirplane
    RussianAirplane · rus#9999
    20 December 2020 21:25
    You cannot update .dll, you have to have Source for the cheat.

  3. Realtimeout
    30 November 2020 12:02
    i'd recommend to publish it instead since the publisher probably dropped the cheat.

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ProFesorHeyno ProFesorHeyno

what the password pls?

DafftyTeam24 DafftyTeam24

Instructions unclear, Dominated entire enemy team on 2fort.

RebetherFakeOne RebetherFakeOne

Can't open menu.
I dont get, pressing F1 and nothing happens

nbook nbook

Is there a way to show hidden chests (chests that appear after killing mobs) in ESP?

xalganos xalganos

there is glow esp you just have to really open your eyes ....

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