How to update a crack if I have dll but I'm not owner or uploader of the crack?

Hi! So someone fixed a crack and I wanted to update it but I'm not the publisher. Is there a way to update it?
It is NullCore version 2020.
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  1. chater123
    25 February 2021 21:30
    can u just give it to me on discord? pl#8202

  2. RussianAirplane
    RussianAirplane · rus#9999
    20 December 2020 21:25
    You cannot update .dll, you have to have Source for the cheat.

  3. Realtimeout
    30 November 2020 12:02
    i'd recommend to publish it instead since the publisher probably dropped the cheat.

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alya2003 alya2003

adding a triggerbot-head only feature would be dope ngl

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New Update
today the orbit console says there is an update 2024/06/13
please upload the new update

diegoungas diegoungas

how to back the aimstar\offsets folder in documents folder? idelete that folder can not back again

zuhu zuhu

im pretty sure it wasnt silent from what ive seen from unknowncheats.

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