there aimbot hack for ps4?

¿Hay hack de aimbot para ps4?
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  1. Rev The Cheater
    20 December 2020 15:24
    your a sped lol ofc not

  2. Skiez
    Real Cheater
    19 December 2020 23:06
    It is possible. Theres a thing called Cronus Max. Its a USB stick that can load scripts onto your controller. You'll need to order it. Works with PlayStation and Xbox but i dont know if it works with the PS5 and XSX atm

  3. Starr
    19 December 2020 17:55
    are you retarded

  4. Teixeira0304
    19 December 2020 01:34
    oui, Botões de Controlo Traseiros Strikepack F.P.S. Dominator PS4 

  5. adrianov
    17 December 2020 15:58
    noooo claramente esque pareces tonto

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ProFesorHeyno ProFesorHeyno

what the password pls?

DafftyTeam24 DafftyTeam24

Instructions unclear, Dominated entire enemy team on 2fort.

RebetherFakeOne RebetherFakeOne

Can't open menu.
I dont get, pressing F1 and nothing happens

nbook nbook

Is there a way to show hidden chests (chests that appear after killing mobs) in ESP?

xalganos xalganos

there is glow esp you just have to really open your eyes ....

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