there aimbot hack for ps4?

¿Hay hack de aimbot para ps4?
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  1. Rev The Cheater
    20 December 2020 15:24
    your a sped lol ofc not

  2. Skiez
    Real Cheater
    19 December 2020 23:06
    It is possible. Theres a thing called Cronus Max. Its a USB stick that can load scripts onto your controller. You'll need to order it. Works with PlayStation and Xbox but i dont know if it works with the PS5 and XSX atm

  3. Starr
    19 December 2020 17:55
    are you retarded

  4. Teixeira0304
    19 December 2020 01:34
    oui, Botões de Controlo Traseiros Strikepack F.P.S. Dominator PS4 

  5. adrianov
    17 December 2020 15:58
    noooo claramente esque pareces tonto

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thevanglee thevanglee

Opened as Admin; Launched Loader.exe; Opened Xenos injector and injected failed to inject 'WuWa-Cheat.dll' Any solutions or are we waiting for another .dll?

darioioana112112 darioioana112112

for me it says numpy is not available idk why it worked before

Espernos Espernos

does this show on sharescreen?

darioioana112112 darioioana112112

Is this undetected and do yall have a discord server?

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