How VAC works?

Hi, I want to know how VAC works who can help me?
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  1. Tydylan
    Tydylan · AsThinks#1852
    20 December 2020 01:33
    Okay, I'll try to keep it simple: 
    1. VAC currently works by checking the program signatures of running processes. This works best for detecting external (.exe cheats that run the whole time you wish to be cheating) as they are easier to find. VAC then checks the program signatures (a unique identifier given to programs during their compiling that is based on their source code) and if they match the signatures of a currently known (detected) cheat, VAC will start a delayed VAC ban. If the signatures for the cheat are unknown, it will (99.99% of the time) be ignored completely.
    2. -This systeme is useless cause : A cheater can add junk or "spaghetti" code that will change the signatures of a program and make it undetected. This can also be achieved be editing the direct hexidecimal structure of a cheat with programs such as HxD. They take some of the code that is direct English and edit it to read something different. This will also change the signatures of the program, but can cause it to no longer inject correctly. Some P2C (pay to cheat OR peer to client) providers will also use Polymorphic encoding meaning that every time they compile the cheat, it will have a brand new signature. They will then re-compile their cheat (normally) every 30 minutes and push the new cheat to all of their users.

    1. To conclude the Valve Anti Cheat is simplistic anti-cheat coded centuries ago by completely outmoded assholes and currently, VAC has no impact to prevent cheat. 
    Greetings from France.

    1. RussianAirplane
      RussianAirplane · rus#9999
      20 December 2020 21:16
      spaghetti #1

  2. urmumizgayaf
    19 December 2020 13:29
    vac: work like shit that ur granma's anti cheat software is even better that that, if u got vac in any game jus quit hacking and work on ur skill:)

  3. KayOk2k
    18 December 2020 21:30
    vac works with penis and its a trash anticheat in fact my grandma made it .
    go and play better games with good anticheat not like this shit crap fucker dumb retard

  4. Wumpus
    Real Cheater
    18 December 2020 18:52
    VAC works poorly, but sooner or later you will get banned for any free or private hack

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