a Roblox rar with fun cheats

Someone can do a .rar with .dll or scripts lines and injector  to use in roblox? (can be lvl max)
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  1. du-te-n plm.exe
    Real Cheater
    18 December 2020 22:06
    https://www.krnl.rocks/ and https://www.robloxscripts.com

    1. AdminMicrosoftAbdreweid
      7 January 2021 14:17
      esti prost si mil sugi pt ca nu mere

      1. qwerty123Cristi
        23 January 2021 18:21
        Ignore him he is just a little bit retarded, typical 12 yr old who masturbates to Fortnite skins

  2. MatyCZ789
    24 December 2020 02:11
    any cheats for roblox ???

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Zinoo Zinoo

im downloding the file but i dont know how to eject is there a video?

nurillo_hamidov nurillo_hamidov

no, it is only visible for you

timheu00 timheu00

can you please add that when you pull cases from inventory cahnger that you can increase the probability that you pull something good

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