Your Group is not available to chat

What does this mean? "Your Group is not available to chat"
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  1. KATE
    KATE · Brother#4367
    28 December 2020 11:16
    The chat is only available for users with the Cheater group and above

  2. NinjaIsaCoder
    Real Cheater
    27 December 2020 18:07
    you need a role to chat in the site comments are fine

    1. GiletteAbdi01
      16 January 2021 20:49
      And how can I get a role?

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xray7694 xray7694

i can't drag 'Internal.dll' into 'hookloader.exe'.

someone help

Wassssuupp Wassssuupp

I cant extract it, it keeps saying something like This file is somethin somethin Skip or Try again

SnapshotMe SnapshotMe

you need to close genshin impact, because the injector is a launcher
it needs to bypass anticheat so why it starts the game open your game via using injector.exe

rakitgaming1 rakitgaming1

can i have the new version i already add you on discord this is my discord rakitjohn#0935

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