Im ask because, Im very very like to watch skeet / gamesense gameplay on HvH sometimes legit. Im know "Impossible is get a Skeet / Gamsensene inv" but not, maybe someone gimme that ? Here is Discord --> ! A+++++++++ DimerDolf#5354 If you want I can give, you .dll cheats like "Yuhhook" or other, I can inv you to other private cheat and give you a config to so many cheats. I cant pay you for this to much if srsly you dont want anything from list.
Bye guys !
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  1. pyroxisgay22 · User· 1 · error
    12 January 2021 21:56
    shut yo monkey ass looking donkey up with jaw like a fucking frump u pee pee poo poo
  2. HaruLOL · Cheater· 10 · error
    5 January 2021 10:16
    is skeet still good?
  3. RussianAirplane · Moderator· 45 · error · rus#3356
    4 January 2021 11:04
    1. RussianAirplane · Moderator· 45 · error · rus#3356
      4 January 2021 11:06
      Hit me up for free invs, eso is my good friend x3
      1. RussianAirplane · Moderator· 45 · error · rus#3356
        5 January 2021 19:51
        if someone still didnt get it, it was a joke.. it was actually an ev0 inv that has been claimed now..
      2. azlar323 · User· 1 · error
        9 January 2021 03:51
        bruh i need invite but how have
    2. TC
      Triq · Real Cheater· 66 · error
      4 January 2021 13:29
      Give me next plz. Idk who but who's still my inv :(

      Add me on Discord :D
  4. gglanjiao1224 · Cheater· 14 · error
    3 January 2021 17:11
    lol,the inv code is pretty hard to get people give inv code to some1 they dont know??lol.make friends in some forum or hvh server.maybe u would get inv when some1 like u so much @_@.
  5. Scrubbybtw · Real Cheater· 64 · error · Lullaby#0254
    3 January 2021 16:12
    Honestly asking for a inv will never work. Giving cheats like "Yuhhook" (aka. a paste) is a shit offer as skeet can outpreform if it the person has it. Also skeet invites are very hard to get and people usually use them to invite their friends not some beggars. If you really want a inv either work your way up or buy it. Or you can just get to know someone that has skeet and become friends with him and wait till he invites you. Begging just decreases your chances
    1. RussianAirplane · Moderator· 45 · error · rus#3356
      4 January 2021 11:39
      I mean, honestly, skeetless in 2021 is for noobs!!!!!
      I got banned once there, and i can tell, skeet isnt special :- ) Its just overrated.
  6. SumThingLikeTashi · User· 1 · error
    3 January 2021 06:26
    Currently you are not going to get a skeet Invite that easy you need to wait to get a invite wave and even if you do you have to pay for the cheat or you will get banned or your going to need to be friends with someone who is willing to give you a invite. i hope this helped.
    1. TC
      Triq · Real Cheater· 66 · error
      3 January 2021 13:22
      Ok, T Y for reply... If Im good interpreted this I need to wait for weave of invs ? Wdym ? Idk bcs Im just want inv to GameSense ... And Im stupid. Why. If I have GameSense inv I need to buy this F Sry for my english.
      1. du-te-n plm.exe · Real Cheater· 51 · error
        3 January 2021 13:24
        I got a stroke reading that.