are there any working rust hacks with the latest update?

I checked the rust section and it seems that the newest ones are not working because of updates. If someone could redirect me to some working rust cheats that would be great.
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  1. JamesHacks
    Real Cheater
    21 January 2021 05:44
    Tbh you can use KZT Crack, although i think they updated the software and the crack's whitelist key doesn't work anymore so..

  2. XxartinxX
    19 January 2021 22:33
    For Cracked is Ez But For Bypass In Orginal Is Hard

  3. bobbieeee
    18 January 2021 09:03
    rust cheats are hard to make and keep undetected 

    1. Lucassss
      18 January 2021 23:32
      No They are so easy to make paste one off uc.
      but ya hard to keep ud

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gorz gorz

Can you please tell me how you can activate it ? the trigger button doesn't work

momomol23 momomol23

can you tell me what beta i have to use? gmghost doesnt load on either of the chromium branches

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