Why does my game crash everything i try to inject the cheats

Im using Sazz and im injecting osiris
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  1. WolfHvH_ujfh8fyjkme474tjkh75
    Real Cheater
    19 March 2021 14:10
    dll issue use the one from a loader that is findable on this website


  2. animgamer
    18 March 2021 22:30
    dont use sazz use csghost it wont crash anymore

  3. r3maiN
    17 March 2021 20:08
    Maybe its a old version of osiris , get a updated one .. 

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aaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccc aaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccc

"Neutron Injector | VAC Bypass | CS:GO-Only Injector"... no more words

zuhu zuhu

rcs/recoil control, makes it easier to controll the recoil when spraying.

nifuji nifuji

gotta say one of the best hsr cheat that i have tried so far. NGL

lokopjoh lokopjoh

Did you used 4.1 or the newest 4.2? Also, smoke color and aimbot functions are injecting and will get you banned.

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