Why does my game crash everything i try to inject the cheats

Im using Sazz and im injecting osiris
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  1. WolfHvH_ujfh8fyjkme474tjkh75
    Real Cheater
    19 March 2021 14:10
    dll issue use the one from a loader that is findable on this website


  2. animgamer
    18 March 2021 22:30
    dont use sazz use csghost it wont crash anymore

  3. r3maiN
    17 March 2021 20:08
    Maybe its a old version of osiris , get a updated one .. 

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MrVenomPL MrVenomPL

for me it works without a problem, check with another injector or make sure you have the latest version of the cheat

Yodaddy7919 Yodaddy7919

Copy cfg.json file from akebi folder to acrepi folder before run.

Freeze4567 Freeze4567

its not working it opens the ui but when i click on the old ui it doesnt work 

camaradebaci122342323 camaradebaci122342323

the cheat is not working, crash in the inject

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