Little fps in csgo game

Few days ago I was getting around 100-120 fps , after a update I keep getting 50-60 fps. Is there a way to fix this issu e?
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  1. Huda
    28 March 2021 09:07
    Use Full Screen on csgo setting. if that doesn't work, you should buy a better pc

  2. userhack128312
    25 March 2021 22:31

    I used some cardboard textures, but they stopped working a long time ago, you should look for a recent tutorial, to be able to go to better fps

  3. RelentlessHvH
    RelentlessHvH · P0key#2268
    23 March 2021 15:42
    buy better pc

    1. WolfHvH_ujfh8fyjkme474tjkh75
      Real Cheater
      24 March 2021 15:07
      yeah....I think its the time to get a better one.

  4. fafnirf3f3
    23 March 2021 13:26
    i got 200 fps, and after the update over 300, maybe try to update your drivers? Or the easiest way... buy a new pc, i dont know alot about computers, but you could try to go in your launch options and enter this command: -novid -tickrate 128 -high +fps_max 0 -nojoy +r_dynamic 0 , hope it will work. :)

    1. RelentlessHvH
      RelentlessHvH · P0key#2268
      23 March 2021 15:43
      fps max 0 doesnt have a cap on your fps, it's smarter to do fps max 200 because then your pc knows that it can reach a cap.

  5. AlexEzz21
    23 March 2021 08:54
    Yes, get a new pc.

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saadbc43 saadbc43

yeah its true , but the owner of this cheat doesnt want to give us the cheat for free 

saadbc43 saadbc43

can someone just write the key here , and let us be , this is annoying man

bahomoz10 bahomoz10

my friend send me his key, and i tried the cheat and it's worked.

Ole-Andreas Karlsen Ole-Andreas Karlsen

Whats the button for the menu. ive tried to inject with Sunset, however it says injected succseed, but idont know how to open the actual hack menu.

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