Error 0xc000135


When i tried to inject the osiris cheat with the xenos injector it just came up as error 0xc000135, is there any fix for that?

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  1. nrvnzsmbrch
    1 April 2021 20:05
    That probably means that the Injector is broken somehow.

  2. Triq
    Real Cheater
    29 March 2021 09:31
    if you use beta loader just use other ;;'';;'';;

  3. Dannyel312
    29 March 2021 07:58
    me too i have like that error with 0xc000007b when i inject otc v3 and all cheats on BETA LOADER.. PLS GUYS HELP ME

    1. nrvnzsmbrch
      1 April 2021 20:05
      Don't use BETALOADER, it's probably a rat. I made a post about it.

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Petergrajfin Petergrajfin

very good! working fine. no aim hacks >C

jonnywalker2007 jonnywalker2007

hi not working anymore ,can you update plz :D cheers !  😁 

sega123823765321f sega123823765321f

Even After 03.12.23 Update Still showing "Please fully uninstall the game and download the latest game flies from the official website again. 

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