Do you know of any skin changers for Valorant that work?
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  1. vadász · Real Cheater· 31 · error · himeAtish#1894
    13 May 2021 17:53

    Ohayo! Its hard to code a cheat to valorant because its use ring 0 anticheat (Ring 0 anticheat mean its kernel anticheat its deep in your pc. If we were to divide system privileges into four rings, from Ring 0 to Ring 3, the kernel’s privileges would belong to Ring 0, Ring 1 and 2 would be occupied by device drivers, and all other apps on your computer would belong to Ring 3, being the least privileged programs on your computer. So, something on a kernel-level is something with high privileges and something you don’t want to go wrong or your system is fried.

    Well, several game developers are forcing kernel-level anti-cheat drivers. Apart from the usual anti-cheat client which is active while you play the game and scans what you have running on your computer, the kernel-level driver will actually load during startup and block certain drivers from loading or running on your computer.

    Many other programs on your computer can depend on these drivers so it’s evident that playing a video game will prevent you from using other applications. Such anti-cheat tools often target drivers and software that have access to your hardware, such as overclocking tools, temperature monitors, fan controllers, and, of course, game cheats that also operate on the kernel-level.

    Also, it will block drivers with security vulnerabilities that allow cheat developers to load their cheats in the kernel part of memory. Your regular anti-cheat client can’t see a cheat located in a part of memory it can’t access.)

  2. ItsXoz · User· 3 · error
    9 April 2021 15:41
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  3. Onebabbb · User· 2 · error
    8 April 2021 00:10
    I have coded one but its hard bcs of the anti cheat, it doesent work anymore

    My discord !MeLlE#4278
  4. UrtaresOS · Real Cheater· 32 · error · Recep Baltaş#0001
    7 April 2021 13:35
    This is hard, because the game has a powerfull anticheat. You can try edit game files but only see you the skins and no effects.
    1. TC
      Jysek · Cheater· 11 · error · ! ⁹₉⁹ | Jysekツ | ⁹₉⁹#0999
      8 April 2021 00:06
      ty for answer :D