Can somebody give me a free Paladins hack? I have one from 2 months ago I tried it once and it crashes.
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  1. bodhi20 · Real Cheater· 105 · error · ﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞZuhuIncﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞ#0001
    13 April 2021 01:50
    you could try odin on unkn0wn but know he released it the 15feb and wont update it anymore but it might be worth a try
    1. GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater· 159 · error · ZBPX.rl#9552
      13 April 2021 02:05
      Used it and got banned nobody try it