Cheats Virus?

Quick question why do we need to turn off our protection for our computer to use the unfair advantage
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  1. faisaltyseer
    1 July 2022 11:44

    Quick question why do we need to turn off our protection for our computer to use the unfair advantage 

    The reason is False Positives, 

    The cheats are loaders and injectors and antiviruses don't like cheats and injectors at all even the safest cheats must be detected as something because they are injectors, from what I know is absolutely safe and you don't need to be worried. 

    PS. cheats may be detected if you use it suspiciously.

  2. reena
    25 June 2021 01:12

    Yes last time i try one i have to format my computer because of them, trojan x4

    1. Skiez
      Real Cheater
      25 June 2021 19:23
      How are are those 2 working braincells doing?

  3. mariodacuhac
    24 June 2021 20:05

    anti-viruses detect injectors/dlls/loaders as "viruses" cuz they change csgo files or inject dlls into csgo

  4. rickyplays
    rickyplays · RickyPlays#1279
    23 June 2021 12:54

    i always turn off my antivirus. when i uninstall cheats and its all good.. like all loaders. what people say " logger" and things.. is just the people what they want all perfect for free..


  5. Krisspykreme
    20 June 2021 06:09

    cause false positives. the cheats need the stuff marked as "viruses" to inject them selves into cs. just cause they change some of the stuff in the game, its marked as a virus. ofc there are safe cheats and actual viruses. but that's on you where and how u download your stuff.

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