Crash after injection

Im trying to inject luaaddons v6 for otc2 and it says: Failed to find pattern #1!, Failed to find pattern #2!, Failed to find pattern #26!.

Does anyone have luaaddons v6 fixed dll?

Thx. perreke#2741
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  1. SoarCheats
    23 July 2022 11:54

    probably cheat not getting latest offsets, to fix it simply wait and use an injector that has a vac bypass and for sure works, also check and make sure the cheat is working and does not have an error setting an option causing a crash.

  2. Russiandanila1
    Russiandanila1 · Face Cheats#9079
    5 July 2021 00:45

    Try off antivirus, reistall game , change injector , 

    Reistall windows

  3. Black_Head_Cat
    2 July 2021 21:42

    Maybe a bad cheat or injektor ?? what are you using


    1. ThiaguinhoNoob
      5 July 2021 22:30
      CS:Ghost 3.0, CS:Ghost 4.2.1, i will try with other injector. thx

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Amir45op Amir45op

Wdym by delete all the settings?


Kib Kib

I think there isnt one.

Atleez025 Atleez025

Half of the stuff doenst work ? Like fishing, auto pilot or auto sails, and many others. Aimbot doesnt work also.

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