Osiris Crash - Any info about that?

Someone know any info about that? It worked like a week ago, and now its broken. Does anyone know when they will fix it or if they are working on it, im pretty sure that its bcs of the csgo update. Osiris is a really good cheat for legit, so it would be sad if it will end.
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  1. skeet.ccwanter
    9 March 2022 23:21

    hello if you want to make it so you dont crash you must use madinjector here is the link and the powsword is 123 rember dont download it from cheater.fun https://cheatermad.com/madinjector/ powsword 123

  2. eddynotadi
    27 September 2021 22:05

    use madloaer

  3. gaciv79686
    27 September 2021 21:44

    there is a problem in line 40 that always crash orisis that need tto be fixed


  4. InaisThePROYT
    3 September 2021 11:39
    Check here, it's the source of osiris so if it gets updated you will have the latest update

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Dracki Dracki

Did someone know he work on faceit ?

Monxienna Monxienna

Doesn't work anymore, developer please update a new cheat

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