useing lmaobox cracked dll crashes

the fact first usring this dll it never ever crashed till today like idk what causes it to crash like this

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  1. vicxd7
    4 September 2022 06:38

    had te same problem its patched it sometimes dont crash if you have luck

  2. Natte6060
    1 September 2022 10:14

    probs patched then

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ZeroByteZ ZeroByteZ

U clearly have a Skill Issue. u directly accuse my injector as steamstealer without a concrete proof. just because your osiris doesn't inject doesnt mean its malware. my injector is open source everyone can look at its source code using decompilers such as DnSpy. in your case about "camoflages itselft as win process and i had 2 new files in my startup folder" u probably had that malware on your pc way before you've used my injector xD. Skill issue fr

Also your osiris dll might probably patched with malware wherever you downloaded that lmfao

Enzo787878 Enzo787878

I launched a game after 15sec I'm already kicked please when you put a cheat it must not be detectable

Stavve175 Stavve175

got banned after one game of winning and i had 12 on smoothness

MrVenomPL MrVenomPL

cheat just doesn't support it, if I find a moment I'd rather fix it

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