installing cheats(i really need help guys)

i need help installing a fortnite cheat wich requires me to 

1) Open command prompt as administrator

2) cd into directory with the cheat and mapper

and i don't know how to do that. i hope i get assisted soon thanks.

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  1. Tenliczekpent
    Tenliczekpent · Tenlic
    6 February 2024 21:45

    in command prompt write:
    cd (location to your cheats)

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pula pula

wow, works great! developer, add more features like triggerbot, rcs 😎

offlyne offlyne

One of the best cheats for CS2 with good functionality. Chances of getting banned are zero probability, the thing is that this is a read-only kernel cheat. Most importantly play discreetly, so that other players do not complain about you.

P.S: who can not run the cheat, just follow the instructions and video instructions. I have everything works perfectly!

Evelyn L Williams Evelyn L Williams

Hey sorry for bothering you how do you download it now I copied the link

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