Roblox Slime Tower Tycoon - Auto Collect, Auto Merge & More

  • Developer: Unknown
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  • Updated: 14.09.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Released a new working script for Slime Tower Tycoon, it will be the third in a row on our site, now you will have something to choose from. This script has these features: Auto Collect Drops, Auto Deposit Drops, Auto Buy Slimes, Auto Merge and Auto Buy Drop Rate. In general, the functions are enough to get an advantage in this game. 

Game studio Infinite Tycoon Empire gave the Roblox community a ride in late August with a new online experience, Slime Tower Tycoon, which has recently begun to brazenly break into the platform's most popular game rankings.

In a little over three weeks the game was visited 6 million times, and active online consistently exceeds 5-7 thousand players a day.

Slime Tower Tycoon - experience with the simplest possible mechanics: players build, untwist towers and keep a company of slimes - slime-like creatures, produced resources that can be sold for currency.

The game features a leaderboard and upgrades on a regular basis - every Friday the developers roll out new bonuses.

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i m not test it on prime. idk but users tested and told me its working 


its draw on external window bro if you click ALT + TAB you will see window by name overly

in misc , yes like Radar hack is internal