Roblox Islands Script: Auto Kill, Teleports, Kill Aura & More

  • Developer: Uzu#8575
  • Status:
  • Updated: 08.12.22
  • Current version: 1.0

Presenting you a script for roblox Islands, surprisingly on our site for the first time there are scripts for this game, although it is not new. The script is developed by the author Uzu#8575, has a black and blue graphical interface, and quite a few features that will help you in survival in this game, namely: Kill Aura, Auto Kill Mob, Auto Kill Boss, Auto Spawn Boss, Tween Speed, Teleports, God Mode, Auto Lucky Drop and others. The Islands game was released in April 2020, and in that time it has been visited nearly 2 billion times. The script for Islands does not require an activation key and is available for free to download, thanks to the author Uzu#8575 for this opportunity.

Free Download Roblox Islands Script: Auto Kill, Teleports, Kill Aura & More

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  1. Bettyglitchtale0098
    30 May 2023 21:42

    The Script got fix so could you creat a new one?

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