item asylum Roblox Script: Kill All, Hitboxes & More

  • Developer: Unknown
  • Status:
  • Updated: 25.01.23
  • Current version: 1.0

item asylum is quite popular roblox game released in 2020, it turns out on our website script on this game, we decided to fix it and publish a new working script, which today can be considered one of the best, as it has many features, among which: Player Settings (Speed, Inf Jump, Freeze, Anti Gravity), Visuals, Kill All Section, Players, Tools and others. The game has about 3,000 players online to date, since its release it has been visited more than 160 million times. The script on the Roblox item asylum especially will help newcomers to this game to get more opportunities, you can download it for free from our website.

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  1. sduihfsdhusfdhuifsduijh
    Real Cheater
    sduihfsdhusfdhuifsduijh · prettycoolreal
    26 January 2023 03:40

    Whats the code for this? i dont wanna install it

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awaubguoawdaw awaubguoawdaw

Lvl update says "close truck to update". So which truck is it and does it really work?

Zatsu44 Zatsu44

I see people comment the most random stuff but nobody is asking the important questions like if it's bannable or if someone got banned for it already.....

squeeze1217 squeeze1217

the game is not opening what do i need to do?? please help