LUCKY BLOCKS Battlegrounds Cheat: Spawn Lucky Block

  • Developer: Tiger
  • Status:
  • Updated: 26.03.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Another free cheat from Tiger Hub appears on, this time on the game LUCKY BLOCKS Battlegrounds which is quite popular today. The script is easy to use and its interface is clear even for beginners, by functions it has: Spawn Lucky Block, Spawn Super Lucky Block, Spawn Diamond Block, Spawn Rainbow Block, Spawn Galaxy Block, Walkspeed, JumpPower and FOV. Lucky Blocks Battlegrounds is a Roblox platform game developed by silky_dev. The game is based on the popular Lucky Blocks mod for Minecraft and combines elements of the battle royale game with Lucky Blocks' luck-based mechanics. In the game, players appear on an island and must mine weapons and resources while avoiding danger. The game's Lucky Blocks feature randomly generates various items, such as weapons, armor, and special abilities, as well as traps and obstacles that can prevent the player from advancing.

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