Roblox RoCitizens Codes - August 2022

RoCitizens Roblox Codes 2022

Dear visitors, on our website you will find Rocitizens 2022 codes. Before we go to the codes, let's find out general information about the game. Rocitizens - Role-playing game created by Firebrand1 on December 7, 2013, In this game you will perform quests for citizens, set up and furnish a house, work at your job, travel around the city or communicate with other citizens. In addition, you can buy anything you want, including jeans, skirts, tops, and decorate your character by purchasing certain types of merchandise.

Working Roblox RoCitizens Codes  - August 2022:

  • smokinghot – Earn $1,500 as a free reward (new)
  • goodneighbor – Earn $2,500 and also a trophy
  • sweettweets – Get the Twitter Trophy and $2,500
  • code – Get $10
  • easteregg – Get $1,337
  • rosebud – Get $3,000
  • truefriend – Get $4,000
  • discordance – Get $3,500

How do I use Rocitizens codes? With a promo code, you can purchase certain items such as gold, gems, clothing, stamina, pet and premium features. For those who don't know, winit codes are an alphanumeric code that you can enter into your account to get matching bonuses and perks. Once you see the free code, the first thing you need to do is log into your account, then go to the store in the lower left corner of your dashboard. The next thing you need to do is select the last tab to open the pop-up message.

Please note that you can only use those codes mentioned above once. This means that you cannot redeem them twice and so on.  In this case, you should be more careful when resetting your progress. We collected all these rocitizens codes on many forums, then checked each code, and only then published. If you want to use these codes, just copy them from the table and then enter them into your roblox game.

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hussn hussn

sorry for bothering, but what injector u use, because when i open cheatenging in background the game crash

juan david sanchez ortiz juan david sanchez ortiz

The cheat kernelmode to usermode still not working as 6/20/2024 most likely cuz of the resen update the same day the cheat got updated!

juan david sanchez ortiz juan david sanchez ortiz

stop working after update om 6/20/2024!

sikenjoy sikenjoy