Roblox Muscle Legends Codes - August 2022

Muscle Legends Roblox Codes 2022

Game Muscle Legends in Roblox has a huge number of analogues even within the platform, however, this did not prevent it to break into the leaders and become popular among a huge number of users in a short period of its existence. In the game, as in many games from Roblox there is a hero, which is issued to you at the beginning of the gameplay, which actually allows you to start playing. Inside the game there is both internal currency and nice bonuses and codes for Muscle Legends, that you can get with the help of special codes.

Muscle Legends Codes - August 2022:

  • MillionWarriors  - Redeem for 1.5K Strength
  • frostgems10 - Redeem for 10K Gems
  • Musclestorm50 - Redeem for 1500 Strength
  • spacegems50 - Redeem for 5000 gems 
  • megalift50 - Redeem for 250 Strength 
  • speedy50 - Redeem for 250 Agility 
  • Skyagility50 - Redeem for 500 Agility 
  • galaxycrystal50 - Redeem for 5000 gems 
  • supermuscle100 - Redeem code for 200 Strength
  • launch250 - Redeem for 250 Gems
  • epicreward500 - Redeem for 500 Gems
  • superpunch100 - Redeem for 100 Strength

The plot is that your character has to pump up his muscles with a barbell. In the future, you can also compete with other users, but it is recommended to proceed to this stage only if you are confident in your victory. Inside the game Muscle Legends there are rankings, where you can compete for the first place, and the leaders are sometimes given gifts in the form of useful bonuses and enhancers. Also in the game for internal currency can buy a pet, which will help you not only swing, but also to win battles with your rivals.

It is important to remember and that in Muscle Legends there is a ranking by level, which allows you to test your strength and capabilities depending on the desired difficulty. The game will please every Roblox gamer, because it has interesting graphics, and the creators are constantly fixing bugs that may affect your game. In short, it's better to try Muscle Legends codes once than to be constantly told.

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pula pula

wow, works great! developer, add more features like triggerbot, rcs 😎

offlyne offlyne

One of the best cheats for CS2 with good functionality. Chances of getting banned are zero probability, the thing is that this is a read-only kernel cheat. Most importantly play discreetly, so that other players do not complain about you.

P.S: who can not run the cheat, just follow the instructions and video instructions. I have everything works perfectly!

Evelyn L Williams Evelyn L Williams

Hey sorry for bothering you how do you download it now I copied the link