Roblox King Legacy Codes (January 2023)

In the game based on the super-popular manga One Piece, users customize characters and pump them up in fighting game adventures, unlocking the achives, weapons and maps. Obviously, not always the hero alone can handle the list of tasks, so promo codes come to the rescue.

  • 950KLIKES - code to reset statistics;
  • UPDATE4.5.0 - code for 5 gems;
  • 2023 - code for 5 gems;
  • delayedchristmas2022 - code for 5 gems;
  • UPDATE4.0.2 - code for 5 hems;
  • HYDRAGLYPHICS - code for 50 hems;
  • 900KLIKES - reset statistics;
  • 650KLIKES - reset statistics;
  • UPDATE4 - code for 5 hems;
  • Peodiz - code for 100k cache;
  • DinoxLive - code for 100 thousand caches.

To enter the promo, you need to log in to King Legacy. At the top left you'll find the "Menu" button. Click on it and go to the "Code" tab. You copied the promo? Good for you, Paste it in and enjoy.

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