Rust Non-Steam Cheat

  • Developer: Mayz
  • Status:
  • Updated: 02.05.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Rust Non-Steam Cheat

From this page, you have the opportunity to download the new free cheat for Rust Non-Steam. At the moment, it is hard to find a good cheat with lots of features and constant support from the developer, so we recommend this particular hack for Rust non-Steam. The cheat is great for playing against other cheaters as well as in legit games.

Many updates will be released in this discord:

Free Download Rust Non-Steam Cheat

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  1. rustyhacky
    4 August 2023 09:46

    discord is down

  2. adolf.romerojeje
    2 July 2023 18:51

    what is non-steam?

    1. Mr_M4nn
      30 October 2023 09:51

      Pirated Rust

  3. chery__ttv
    12 May 2023 20:04

    pls update

  4. heudevil
    7 May 2023 22:15

    Bitcoin miner. super dangerous virus don't download, after downloading this thing, when you restart your pc a process will run in the background that will consume 100% of your CPU and set the heat to 90 degrees C. when you open task manager the process will hide itself so you cannot close it. I had to format my PC after injecting this. I WARNED YOU.

    1. abouche
      7 May 2023 23:37

      the verification in this website are only for the old version when a cheat is updated you need to wait some time before you download it

      this is the only thing they need to fix with this website they need to tell people if the update is verified or not. i recommend to never download a cheat who offer a .exe files high risk of getting a virus 

    2. 989IJM
      20 May 2023 01:45

      thanks man

  5. Hx506
    5 May 2023 13:06

    its crashed !

New Comments
meow1254795 meow1254795

only if u share whole screen on discord  but with medal it shows in clips

nvm only if u share desktop view

thevanglee thevanglee

Opened as Admin; Launched Loader.exe; Opened Xenos injector and injected failed to inject 'WuWa-Cheat.dll' Any solutions or are we waiting for another .dll?

darioioana112112 darioioana112112

for me it says numpy is not available idk why it worked before

Espernos Espernos

does this show on sharescreen?