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Do you like to play TOTAL WAR: THREE KINGDOMS? How about a working trainer with which you will have more opportunities in the game. For example, you can quickly build simple buildings, have unlimited trust, population, reserve players, and much more. Try this free trainer on Total War: Three Kingdoms-Trainer +24 in person and make sure it works.

Promo Options
NumPad5: Easy Build Buildings
Trainer Options
# Player Faction 
     NumPad1: Unlimited Credibility / Population / Reservers / Food
# Armies 
     NumPad2: Unlimited Unit Movement
     NumPad7: Set Military Supplies
     NumPad8: One Turn Reforms
     NumPad9: Repopulate And Fill Armies
     F5: Easy Unlock Yellow Turban Reforms
     F6: Instant Complete Yellow Turban Reforms
# Ranking Units 
     NumPad3: Set Traits Value
     F7: Set Character Full Faction Satisfaction
# Buildings 
     NumPad4: One Turn Building Construction
     NumPad5: Easy Build Buildings
# Cities 
     NumPad6: Set Public Order
# Battles 
     Multiply: Instant Reset Battle Skill Cooldowns
     Add: Set High Morale
     Subtract: Set No Morale
     Decimal: Invincible Army in Battle
     F2: Unlimited Battle Ammo
# Game Speed 
     Divide: Game Speed
# Faction Interactions 
     F1: Easy Negotiations
     F3: Character Loyalty / Satisfaction
# Game Time 
     F4: Freeze Date / Extend Lives
Editor Options
# Currency 
     Current Treasury
# Ranking Unit Stats 
     Current Skill Points
     Current Rank
     Current XP

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Trainer +24

Download Total War: Three Kingdoms - Trainer +24

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Trainer +24.zip
password: 123
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