New Battlefield 4 Hack - Spankerfield (Aimbot, ESP, Radar)

  • Developer: nloginov
  • Status:
  • Updated: 09.04.22
  • Current version: 1.1

New Battlefield 4 Hack 2022

Spankerfield is the safest free cheat for the game Battlefield 4. Perfect for players who do not want to bother with the game BF4, and play at the level or even better than professional players. What could be more pleasant after a hard work or study, playing Battlefield4, to control the situation on the battlefield. Cheat Spankerfield is very simple and convenient, at your disposal will be a convenient Imgui menu where you can configure any function, for example there is Aimbot, ESP, Radar, Clean screenshots and many other functions. Use this functionality and you will have much more gaming opportunities as compared to other players. Your shooting will be completely accurate, you will also be able to see enemies through textures on the map at a great distance, additionally all enemies will be present on the cheat radar, game screenshots will be clean and much more.


esp bf4


radar bf4How to use:

  1. Pack the dll with VMProtect / Themida.
  2. Use Xenos for injecting.
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  1. lardardodog19
    28 April 2022 21:17

    how to pack dll

  2. BigisCheese
    10 April 2022 00:48

    You can't use the aimlock on people that are a significant distance above and below you. Is there any fix to this and if there's not when/will you fix this?

  3. ricka6666
    Real Cheater
    ricka6666 · لْعَرَبِيَّةُ#7100
    2 April 2022 15:04

    In screenshot we see aimbot but in cheat we hasnt you will ad it in next updates or not?

    1. yagifakka
      3 April 2022 09:06
      instant ban

    2. BigisCheese
      9 April 2022 22:09

      He did, you need to have your game on borderless and press insert.

New Comments
bladez1471 bladez1471

I tapped nl and otc with this lol. Nice cheat! 10/8

Amongusman23 Amongusman23

Hello. I just wanted to ask if the cheat is safe since when I downloaded it my 6 antiviruses gone boombastic af man

al3xmd1 al3xmd1

not working can tell someone why ?

why its not working( injectoin failed: mono_class_from_name() returned null