• Developer: Merairdz
  • Status:
  • Updated: 28.07.20
  • Current version: v1.4.6
Have you been banned from playing LD PLAYER PUBG MOBILE? Not a problem! Use this free Bypass to remove the global lock on your computer and play again on THE pubg Mobile game servers. This Bypass is suitable for those players who play on servers such as: Global Pubg Mobile, Vietnam Pubg Mobile, Korea Pubg Mobile, Taiwan Pubg Mobile. Launch and setup is very simple, the menu is in English, I think you can understand the settings of this program. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments!

Or do you want to play with a hack and still not be banned? Use this tool for your own purposes. Below we will provide a video of an example of using this Bypass program on PUBG Mobile.


Free Download Bypass CRN | LD PLAYER PUBG MOBILE

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  1. emobaba33
    29 August 2020 01:59
    this is not working by the way

  2. deuzv
    8 August 2020 13:16
    is outdated

  3. cesper12344
    2 August 2020 15:57
    key diye biyer var oraya ne gircez bilen varmı

  4. abdullah144
    2 August 2020 13:42
    i am not able to downlaod this file when i redirect it syas wait for 20 sec i waited for 20 sec i tried to download but  i dosnt let me its like a loop when i pree download it restarts count down

  5. syamnd
    30 July 2020 08:35
    its working؟

    1. HG1290
      30 July 2020 09:58
      Idk Have you tried it I am gonna try it

New Comments
richardwbkr richardwbkr

I tried to inject using process hacker but failed:

Unable to inject DLL into SoTGame.exe (PID:25648): Access denied.

Can anyone help?pls.

hanyshoaib hanyshoaib

update the hack please 3.3 why take so long 

Julia00 Julia00

When you are in game:
1. Press tab to open menu and tab again to close it (you will not see cursor still but wait)
2. Without cursor try to open SETTINGS > GRAPHICS > change display mode to windowed
3. Use Alt + tab and choose genshin impact window (do it until cursor show up)
4. You can now go back to fullscreen

^ try this if just "alt+tab" dont work