Dota2Patcher: Dota Plus, Auto Acceptance, sv_cheats, vpk-mods

  • Developer: Wolf49406
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  • Updated: 07.04.22
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Not a bad open-source utility that allows you to unlock Dota Plus once and for all, use "cheat" console commands (sv_cheats, dota_camera_distance, dota_use_particle_fow (display teleports/skills in the fog), dota_range_display (custom radius around the hero) and more).

NEW: Also added automatic acceptance of the game.

Dota2Patcher: Dota Plus, Auto Acceptance, sv_cheats, vpk-mods

Also, after recent innovations, using VPK-modifications (such as No-Bling and other changers) became impossible because of checking CRC32 file

The patcher solves this problem too. Everything is done by changing just one byte in DLL of Dota.

You can read more details and download it from my repository.

Regarding security, VAC never checked modification of game files. Otherwise each run would take as long as integrity checks.

Also, the camera height has been changed in exactly the same way for years.


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  1. Leuap
    7 August 2022 22:58

    is this working or waste of time?

  2. ashikishere
    6 July 2022 15:35

    can you describe how to unlock dota plush?

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wakaflaka wakaflaka

W update best free cs2 cheat out there keep updating this cheat fr

kakk21342 kakk21342

we need an update, cs2 updated and the cheat doesn t work anymore. cheers to the dev

amirdr1388 amirdr1388

how to add offsets on game?

undetek undetek

What programs or database are needed to create a mod menu? please help

ben109 ben109

you copy the offsets and then you open the folder of the cheat, in the folder there is a file that says offsets, delete the old ones and paste the new ones, save them and youre ready