• Developer: CedPlay
  • Category: Rainbow Six
  • Updated: 24.10.21
  • Current version: 3.0

I want to share with you Rainbow Six Internal Hack - Aimbot, ESP (Online/Offline) which is available for free. A unique cheat with imgui menu with excellent features and no crashes.

Rainbow Six Internal Hack
To date, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege game is the leader among shooters and a lot of players play it. You've probably seen that some players play much better and always know about your location. Either they are professionals in their field, or they use hacks to play R6. That's why I want to offer you this wonderful free cheat with which you will have more gaming opportunities and you will be able to use such functions as: aimbot, wallhack, esp, norecoil, noclip, crosshairs and other functions.

This cheat works in single player game mode, as well as in online game mode against real people. Follow the instructions and you will succeed!

How to use the Cheat ? (Online Method)

  1. Download the cheat from our website (the cheat + injector itself will be in the archive)
  2. Put the injector and the cheat in the same folder
  3. Start the injector
  4. Launch the Rainbow Six game
  5. Enjoy :)

Attention! In online mode, it is better to use anti-cheat bypass, there is a chance of getting banned. Use at your own risk!
Rainbow Six Internal Hack - Aimbot, ESP (Online/Offline)

Download Rainbow Six Internal Hack - Aimbot, ESP (Online/Offline)

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  1. h4ck3rm0d3 · User· 1 · error
    28 October 2021 21:50


  2. ProPlayerMan · User· 3 · error
    25 October 2021 13:10

    I couldnt even use the cheats and I got banned wtf dont use these guys 


    1. Zyrxan · Cheater· 5 · error
      26 October 2021 06:05
      Cedy literally said that theres no bypass.. What do you expect?
      1. Unkownentity · Cheater· 10 · error
        26 October 2021 15:47
        There's some paid ones but this is a free cheat, I don't have specifics but i remember some dude was trading/reselling a cheat + bypass for like $20-$30 but then again the cheap hacks usually don't have many features or are usually detected very quickly
  3. ProPlayerMan · User· 3 · error
    25 October 2021 12:59

    Can anyone tell me what button to open cheats


    1. Unkownentity · Cheater· 10 · error
      25 October 2021 17:38
      Most likely f12 or insert
  4. Cryr · User· 2 · error
    24 October 2021 22:27

    How to open up the cheat window to adjust everything?


    1. ProPlayerMan · User· 3 · error
      25 October 2021 12:58
      I dont know did you find out?
    2. Unkownentity · Cheater· 10 · error
      25 October 2021 17:39
      probably f12 or insert key, but please explain what you did so your game stopped crashing after driver load and launching the game
      1. Shamicoke · User· 1 · error
        26 October 2021 00:40
        Disabled battle eye i think, but now that i got the game from crashing, the injector keeps crashing
  5. EySwag · Cheater· 18 · error · DaGoose#8721
    24 October 2021 17:08

    Game is crashing after making the beeps. please fix

    1. Unkownentity · Cheater· 10 · error
      24 October 2021 17:24
      Pretty sure its something to do with Face injector rather than the cheat, it works fine offline with xenos and other injectors. Maybe try getting latest version of face injector from github and recompiling, edit " respawn001 " to " R6Game " and "test.dll" to " R6 Free.dll " (without spaces) and then compile and run.
  6. andy44 · User· 4 · error
    24 October 2021 11:15

    game is crasing after loading the driver

  7. andy44 · User· 4 · error
    24 October 2021 11:04

    i will try it now