Arceus X - Android, iOS Roblox Free Exploit & Executor

  • Developer: arceusx
  • Status:
  • Updated: 22.03.24
  • Current version: Android 1.2.7, iOS 1.08

Arceus X - Android, iOS Roblox Free Exploit

Roblox Arceus X Exploit & Executor is a universal cheat program with which you can enable any cheats, scripts and hacks in the mobile version of Roblox Android, iOS. A lot of functions to select and implement scripts completely free and virus-free. For example, you will be able to activate the following features: AutoFarm, Infinite Jump, Super Speed, Btools, Script Hub, SpeedHack and many other features and customizations. You will also be able to choose a script from the Arceus X database or insert your own script, which you got on our website.

Before you download Arceus X, read about the benefits of this program, how to install it and how to manage it in the mobile version of the game Roblox on Android and iOS. Please note that this is one of the newest scripts for the Roblox game on iOS and therefore there may be bugs while using it.

Arceus X Roblox Android Download

Arceus X Android DownloadVerison: Arceus X NEO 1.2.7


1. Updated for Roblox V615
2. Improved stabilty
3. Implemented better crypt library

Download Link: Arceus X NEO 1.2.7.apk

Arceus X Roblox iOS Download

Arceus X iOS Download

Verison: Arceus X NEO iOS 1.0.8


1. Updated for Roblox V615

Download Link: Arceus X NEO 1.0.8.ipa

[!] Arceus X iOS still in beta, so there can be bugs

Arceus X features:

  1. Flexible customization of the game character.
  2. A large number of different free skins.
  3. Infinite jump and flight mode.
  4. Passing through any obstacle.
  5. Immortality and unlimited health.
  6. Smooth adjustment of the jump and accelerated movement.
  7. Integration of any scripts (Roblox scripts).
  8. Anti-Cheat Bypass.

Free Download Arceus X - Android, iOS Roblox Free Exploit & Executor

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  1. rawr229
    19 May 2024 01:34

    I have the file in mega what do I do now

  2. Stacikk
    1 May 2024 17:06

    how do i make it appear? I see normal roblox (im using bluestacks btw)

  3. Kadetka
    Real Cheater
    22 March 2024 07:13

    I have been using Arceus X for a long time, in my opinion it is the best executor for the mobile version of the Roblox game

    1. Evelyn L Williams
      26 May 2024 04:06

      Hey sorry for bothering you how do you download it now I copied the link

New Comments
spacely spacely

it was undetected before, why not anymore?

Pxwerv2 Pxwerv2

Can you add an autotalk for scenes that can't be skipped

Coks123fr Coks123fr

it cause its python you have to install python and the stuff it uses but it dont work anymore so dont

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