Combat Master MultiHack - ESP, Max XP, Operators, Weapons

  • Developer: OneDeepZay
  • Status:
  • Updated: 08.05.23
  • Current version: 5.0

Combat Master MultiHack - ESP, Max XP, Operators, Weapons

From this page, you can download one of the best hacks, Combat Master. Multifunctional hack with the most necessary and demanded functions for which you will not get game blocking.


Unlimited Ammo: Using this feature, you will have an infinite amount of ammo (it only works on a private server).

ESP: A feature that will light up your enemies and allow you to see them through walls on the map.

Max XP for Literally Everything: the maximum level of XP in one click

Max Head Shot Damage: A kind of Aimbot feature, any headshot you take will be as strong as possible.

Unlock All Operators is a simple function that allows you to unlock all operatives with one click.

Unlock All Weapons and Blueprints is a simple function with which you can unlock all weapons and blueprints in one click.

Unlock All Emblems is a simple function with which you can unlock all emblems with one click.


To use this hack, you need Melon Loader in its current version.

You need to put the cheat in the folder with the mods.

To open the menu, press the INS key (INSERT).


4.0: Add Camos Unlock Under Unlock Blueprints So Now It Unlocks All Weapons, Blueprints, And Camos



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  1. mafiarangerxd
    mafiarangerxd · Heimeric
    27 October 2023 22:37

    me stuck on game assembly bullshit xd

  2. Ninja7810
    5 September 2023 18:37

    for anyone wondering how to make it work i figured it out and will give you a full guide on how to do so, first of all download the latest version of melon loader and open the installer, then you want to click select unity game it the top of the installer and go into your steam common folder and select the combat master exe file, then you want to install it and when its done put the dll in the mods folder which is in the same folder as the exe file, then launch the game and hit F4 to open the menu and you are done. I hope this helps! :)

    1. andy wfwf
      21 October 2023 01:39

      BRO im stuck in the melon loader at Checking gameassembley


  3. Ninja7810
    5 September 2023 06:10

    there are a ton of mods and plugins folders, which one do i put the dll in

  4. reylazius
    9 May 2023 18:32


  5. itsdikaa
    4 May 2023 23:04

    pls add aimbot <3

  6. Jinnz
    3 May 2023 18:39

    how to use melon loader

  7. Kadetka
    Real Cheater
    3 May 2023 06:51

    I love it! the coolest hack so far

    1. 3oomda
      3 May 2023 14:57

      It doesn't even work so how

      1. Ninja7810
        5 September 2023 18:34

        i figured it out and it works amazingly it will give you all the blueprints but if you get rid if the dll then it will get rid of most of them unless you have them already equipped, so first of all you install melon loader into it and then you go to the game folder and put the dll into the mods folder, after that open the game and hit F4 no insert and it will work 

  8. hangout
    2 May 2023 14:57

    it´s a 32 bit version but I use a 64 bit version

New Comments
arinlp arinlp

the cheat doesn't work, it doesn't open through the game and nothing works at all, only the menu works fine, but there is no button to close it and you can't turn it off through the task manager only through the procces exploer

egoon215 egoon215

why does it only work when im tabbed out of csgo

SloppyPapi99 SloppyPapi99

can you provide a how to for that instead of being so vague?

skanx12358 skanx12358

Even After 03.12.23 Update Still showing "Please fully uninstall the game and download the latest game flies from the official website again."