SpecialHax - Combat Arms: Reloaded Hack

  • Developer: SpecialHax
  • Status:
  • Updated: 08.02.21
  • Current version: 08/02/2021

New up-to-date SpecialHax cheat for the online game Combat Arms: Reloaded. A large selection of functions, control via the console, the game without bans and crashes. Use this hack on the game Combat Arms: Reloaded and you can easily dominate the game servers. There are settings for visual effects, settings for the player, and other settings.

No Fog [Effect]
No Fire [Remove]
Nx Chams [Satellite]
Engine NameTags
CrossHair Type: [Green Circle]
Pick Up Range: [Weapon/Door]
Instant Zoom: [Sniper Rifle]
Speed Hack: [Undetected Speed for Quarantine]
No Recoil
Super Bullet: [Shoot Through Walls]
Weapon Range: [Hit From Distance]
Rapid Fire: [Knife/bullets/bombs]

Is Enable (?)
Control touch/ rapid fire - (ALT)

How to use:
To run the hack, use any working injector.
For example Xenos Injector

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  1. WeedTV
    16 April 2021 18:49
    where is bypass? 

  2. hovado123
    17 February 2021 10:50
    no work game crash

  3. Flagmob
    9 February 2021 01:40
    não funciona

  4. xdxddxd
    8 February 2021 21:37
    did not work

    1. GooseBoiHasKnife
      Real Cheater
      GooseBoiHasKnife · GooseWithAKnife#9552
      28 March 2021 04:48
      probably becuase youre using the wrong version of xenos. Try sazinjector

New Comments
Petrakous Petrakous

for me the money thing doesnt work. I reinstalled everything but still the 1m loop or the 50k loop doesnt work

Mumundjan Mumundjan

Can anyone explain to me how to use the "chest teleport" function? All help is appreciated

wgrdextra wgrdextra

its kinda detectable... vac just went hard on me :(

wgrdextra wgrdextra

update plz... :( i used it for 1 day now its goneeeeeeeeeeeee