CS2 Hack miware - RageBot, LegitBot, ESP, SkinChanger

  • Developer: LPS OPG
  • Status:
  • Updated: 04.07.23
  • Current version: 2.0

CS2 Hack miware - RageBot, LegitBot, ESP, SkinChanger

I am sharing with you a new free miware hack for CS2, which you can download right now from this page. This MultiHack on Counter-Strike 2 is by far the best solution if you want to play CS 2 with cheats. Here you will be able to find a convenient menu with which you will have access to customize functions such as Ragebot, Legitbot, visual settings, and SkinChanger so that you can put any skin from the game.

Counter-Strike 2 is currently in closed beta and available to some players, but many players use the NoSteam version, which is why this cheat was released. You will be able to run this hack yourself on both the Steam version and the non-Steam version. Run the cheat with any random injector and enjoy the game!

cs2 skinchanger

How to use:

I ran the cheat with the most popular Extreme Injector.

First, run the game CS2.

Select the process cs2.exe and add the downloaded miware.dll file. Click Inject and enjoy.

Extreme Injector cs2

Free Download CS2 Hack miware - RageBot, LegitBot, ESP, SkinChanger

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  1. iamketchum
    12 October 2023 03:13

    try download it and try it, not because it's good, just for see how weird it is and how click bait its

  2. DropOps__Xo
    1 October 2023 16:11

    none of the functions that is stated itsnt working for this menu far as rage,legit ect.. esp andboxes work but soon as the game load it crashes. im thinking you could load into a game to see esp boxes but no aimbot or anything else. might wanna update.

    but thanks to all devs making these fun cheats ik its hardwork but its really cool and fun to use thank you 👍  ☺️ 

  3. Artur2
    1 October 2023 15:18

    dont try it has no rage and its gonna get ban to

    but if you want to try install ninjacs injector

  4. SauceDad
    30 September 2023 06:19

    what is another good injector for cs2?

    1. apholo95
      7 October 2023 10:40

      mil Ninja Cs, hace poco lo actualizaron

  5. matithedev0
    23 August 2023 21:01

    crashes when launched in game, works perfectly in menu

New Comments
arinlp arinlp

the cheat doesn't work, it doesn't open through the game and nothing works at all, only the menu works fine, but there is no button to close it and you can't turn it off through the task manager only through the procces exploer

egoon215 egoon215

why does it only work when im tabbed out of csgo

SloppyPapi99 SloppyPapi99

can you provide a how to for that instead of being so vague?

skanx12358 skanx12358

Even After 03.12.23 Update Still showing "Please fully uninstall the game and download the latest game flies from the official website again."