Counter-Strike: Source Legit Cheat - Aimbot, Visuals, Mics

  • Developer: oask
  • Status:
  • Updated: 31.07.21
  • Current version: 31.07.2021
A great working cheat for the game Counter-Strike:Source. The cheat is relevant in 2021 and is available for free to anyone. Using this cheat in the CSS game, you will have more gaming opportunities, unlike other players. Perfect shooting, fast attack, visual settings with which you will see opponents through walls, antiflash, bhop and much more.

Counter-Strike:Source legit cheat download
Start-up instructions:

  1. The first thing you need to do is launch the Counter-Strike:Source game
  2. Run the cheat
  3. Press the INSERT (INS) key to activate the menu

Free Download Counter-Strike: Source Legit Cheat - Aimbot, Visuals, Mics

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  1. Svrxina
    17 June 2023 01:04

    how do i download this

  2. xeno312
    24 January 2023 21:59

     still safe ?\

  3. oguzhangemma
    15 November 2022 16:22

    menu key?

      29 December 2022 03:27


  4. Askhab
    9 July 2022 10:57

    а как выключть чит, для проверки ?

  5. Rick90sAlpha
    10 February 2022 07:40

    no good dot use

  6. qinhe
    5 November 2021 11:36

    Liar mouse...


  7. mj.majdsalimi
    30 October 2021 11:25

    how to run cheat?


    how to run cheat?

  8. st1ckygreen
    11 August 2021 14:40

    download only contains just 1 file : exe called "css_cheat.exe"

    i would not run this program. probably not a hack, but a virus

      2 September 2021 07:37
      you know only verified exploits get put on the site right?

    2. GooseBoiHasKnife
      Real Cheater
      GooseBoiHasKnife · GooseWithAKnife#9552
      3 November 2021 02:31
      Lol this website doesnt have any viruses on it fool

  9. muymuy
    Real Cheater
    31 July 2021 14:25

    version of cs s


New Comments
zuhu zuhu

rcs/recoil control, makes it easier to controll the recoil when spraying.

nifuji nifuji

gotta say one of the best hsr cheat that i have tried so far. NGL

lokopjoh lokopjoh

Did you used 4.1 or the newest 4.2? Also, smoke color and aimbot functions are injecting and will get you banned.

marul1001 marul1001


the comment below is outdated. the server is the same one

you don't need to /sign-in anymore just go to #micah-bot-verify and select bind free code and verify

then you download korepi from #korepi-download extract the zip file to a folder and open it

it will copy a code go to #micah-bot-verify then select get verification file and paste the code there.

download the enc.json file and paste it where you extracted korepi.exe. you need to get a new enc.json file everyday while using the free version when you pasted enc.json just open korepi select where you downloaded genshin and login. have fun