Wicked Menu GTA Online - Mod Menu

  • Developer: plumbwicked
  • Status:
  • Updated: 09.02.23
  • Current version: 3.2

Wicked Menu is based on the Cheat Engine for the game GTA V Online from the popular developer plumbwicked. If you want to use more in-game features legally in the game GTA 5 Online, this mod menu is perfect for your purposes. All functions are controlled through the Cheat Engine, for some players it is used to, for others not, but there is no problem to understand here. 

Wicked Menu GTA Online - Mod Menu

Functionality here is great and is constantly updated by the developer or by users. Of the features I would like to note the following: Teleports Casino,Casino Cashier , Diamond Slot , Roulette table, Clothes Stores, Bunker PC, Ammo Nation, $2 million bunker deliveries, SpeedHack, Item Dropper, Drop down menu for Health and Armor and many other features.

How to use Wicked Menu GTA Online:

  1. Download the Cheat Engine from the official website: https://www.cheatengine.org/
  2. Start GTA5 in windows mode without the fields and load the game.
  3. You need to be completely loaded on the server.
  4. Run Wicked for GTA5 v3.2.CT (double-click)
  5. Wait for Menu to Self Activate
  6. Use hotkeys to toggle cheats {Only use hotkeys IN GAME}
  7. Click boxes [X] in Hotkey Menu to change Hotkey's
  8. Closing Menu will also close Cheat Engine.
  9. Exiting the menu will close cheat engine.
  10. Restart the Menu anytime, as long as GTA5 is running.
  11. This is NOT a trainer , it is a cheat table with a GUI.

Wicked Menu v0.3.2

A way to make money fast:

$ I Recommend Bunker Method Keep it under 8 million a day!

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  1. Blacksix
    2 August 2022 01:54

    Why are the hotkeys on the numeric keypad? How do you control an aircraft like that?

  2. sranic
    sranic · sranic#1337
    26 July 2022 16:56

    this is for rdr2 not gta 5 change it god damn

    1. miqa555
      9 February 2023 17:38

      df?? LMAO

  3. gavy216
    30 May 2022 02:20

    password for rar?

    1. Fender
      Fender · Vanced#2806
      30 May 2022 20:46

      Password 123

  4. ghaith622
    13 April 2022 01:07

    its for rdr2

  5. babatundee
    12 April 2022 23:35

    The download link takes goes to wicked mod menu for RDR2

  6. Bubzie
    14 February 2022 05:57

    got banned instantly thanks asshole

    1. rc235
      26 February 2022 01:43

      1. daniel555dpm
        25 March 2022 19:24
        don't listen to him,he's just an idiot

        every time he appears in some cheat and comments that he was banned

    2. Fleeked
      25 March 2022 21:17
      lmao really

    3. genica2001
      9 February 2023 16:32

      bro is ussing cheat engine what you expect cheat engine is for singlel player game is normal to get instant ban

    4. Ratlover123
      6 March 2023 08:41

      Good lmfao I'm weak

  7. FossilOG
    Real Cheater
    FossilOG · baddieee#8061
    5 February 2022 02:04

    Pretty good mod menu for GTA 5
    But personally, I think there are better alternatives for GTA 5 that is FREE to use!


    - Menu isn't really good-looking.
    - Better alternatives instead of this.
    - Alright amount of options.
    overall good.

    1. EvenSucks
      8 August 2022 19:16

      what is the best free cheat that you suggest?

  8. D4rk_Deep
    D4rk_Deep · D4rk#6651
    4 February 2022 18:43

    Very nice one!

    1. FossilOG
      Real Cheater
      FossilOG · baddieee#8061
      5 February 2022 02:05
      Yup, it's alright.

New Comments
SnapshotMe SnapshotMe

you need to close genshin impact, because the injector is a launcher
it needs to bypass anticheat so why it starts the game open your game via using injector.exe

Desahgbasd Desahgbasd

very good cheat, but i hope u add aimbot or silent aim to it. But the cheat are great. i love it

Sarmale460 Sarmale460

The skins from inventory changer doesn't remain if i close and reopen csgo. Is there a way to keep them so I don't have to add them every single time ?