Slot+Bot GTA V Online

  • Developer: plumbwicked
  • Status:
  • Updated: 23.01.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Slot+Bot GTA V Online

A new simple cheat Slot + Bot for the game GTA V Online with which you can increase your game currency in the game using the slot machines and cheat. 


Slot.exe does NOT need the bot .

Just push the button or use the Hotkeys .

slot bot gta v online

  1. Sit down at the slot machine in the game GTA V
  2. Run Slot+.exe
  3. Press Lose to lose (you have to lose 2 times!)
  4. Press Win and Win to win (you only have to win once!).
  5. Repeat these actions and you will have the least probability to get a ban.

To use the Bot, which will automatically press keys you must first run Slot.exe

bot gta v online

  1. Follow Steps above.
  2. Run +Bot.exe
  3. Press Insert to let Bot run Slots .

There are restrictions that are worth observing to avoid getting your account blocked.

40 Million a day = Recommended

100 Million a Day = MAX

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  1. AnimeDroid
    28 June 2024 11:45

    kindly update this awesome mod...

    1. elkasda
      28 June 2024 23:47

      I still have the same problem, how did you fix it?

  2. CLM
    27 September 2023 13:51

    Please update this www

  3. sweed223113231ssa
    16 June 2023 02:56

    got patched , now it s 1.67 and this cheat work for 1.66

  4. Bublik
    26 April 2023 14:00

    I am trying to download Slot+Bot but the windows says that i need to extract it but then it says that windows cannot complete the extraction. Can anyone help me?

    1. Filip Marek
      26 April 2023 19:49

      You need to download WinRar beacuse the zip have password and deafult windows extract tool cant recognize zip with password or basically it was created with WinRar you need to extract it with WinRar just download it its free on internet (you will need it for every zip you will download here on

      1. null_000011
        9 May 2023 19:53

        no you dont have to extract it because your pc does not extract files with passwords in them and it will delete the files thinking its a virus

  5. drfail
    18 April 2023 23:31

    still works in 1.66! THANK YOU!

    17 March 2023 20:55

    Available in 17.03.2023 ? It's safe?

  7. NaXxStY
    22 February 2023 10:45

    works 100% just follow the steps and if it still not working just follow the steps presented in the yt vid

  8. C9_Alex
    18 February 2023 20:11

    does this work in 1.66?

  9. dragos1337_
    17 February 2023 18:55

    e bun 👍 

  10. Goreshka
    28 January 2023 18:43

    Slot+.exe doesnt open , so bad cheat

    1. Panda125
      29 January 2023 00:29

      turn off anti virus or add exclusion, everything works as of 01/28/2023

New Comments
Petrakous Petrakous

for me the money thing doesnt work. I reinstalled everything but still the 1m loop or the 50k loop doesnt work

Mumundjan Mumundjan

Can anyone explain to me how to use the "chest teleport" function? All help is appreciated

wgrdextra wgrdextra

its kinda detectable... vac just went hard on me :(

wgrdextra wgrdextra

update plz... :( i used it for 1 day now its goneeeeeeeeeeeee