Slot+Bot GTA V Online

  • Developer: plumbwicked
  • Status:
  • Updated: 23.01.23
  • Current version: 1.0

Slot+Bot GTA V Online

A new simple cheat Slot + Bot for the game GTA V Online with which you can increase your game currency in the game using the slot machines and cheat. 


Slot.exe does NOT need the bot .

Just push the button or use the Hotkeys .

slot bot gta v online

  1. Sit down at the slot machine in the game GTA V
  2. Run Slot+.exe
  3. Press Lose to lose (you have to lose 2 times!)
  4. Press Win and Win to win (you only have to win once!).
  5. Repeat these actions and you will have the least probability to get a ban.

To use the Bot, which will automatically press keys you must first run Slot.exe

bot gta v online

  1. Follow Steps above.
  2. Run +Bot.exe
  3. Press Insert to let Bot run Slots .

There are restrictions that are worth observing to avoid getting your account blocked.

40 Million a day = Recommended

100 Million a Day = MAX

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15thpose 15thpose

omg you want a hvh cheat but are worried about account banning and red trust factor ? r u in the right mind ?

ottotsu ottotsu

The game will crush after finished loading and upon entering. try launched in adimistrator mode, try disabled all options, tried everything, nothing works.