Simple Wallhack for CS 1.6

  • Developer: BloodSharp
  • Status:
  • Updated: 02.07.22
  • Current version: 1.1

Simple Wallhack for CS 1.6

The Best Free WH for CS 1.6

A simple and convenient cheat for CS 1.6 for free, with only one function Wallhack, this hack gives the ability to see players through walls. Using this useful cheat, you will always be able to see your enemies through walls, textures and thus it will be easier for you to kill them. Since this hack has only one function, the chance of getting banned is exactly zero and you can freely play, just pick up the right injector. This is a new cheat and it works on all known builds, in my case, the cheat was tested in builds\builds: 3266, 4554, 8684. The cheat comes with a ready-made DLL solution and source code if you want to personally compile for your PC. Download free cheat for CS 1.6 from our website, with it you become in the game unbeatable!

How to use?

  • Download and unpack the archive, inject the cheat "GoWallhack.dll" with any injector

Free Download Simple Wallhack for CS 1.6

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  1. zDavvid
    20 May 2024 18:16

    What injector do i need to use without it being detected

  2. renev001
    7 January 2024 01:24

    Guys, what is the password when I try to archive?

    1. CrisCastri2020
      Real Cheater
      5 May 2024 18:07

         ES 123

  3. russsak00
    4 March 2023 11:57

    добавте новые читы или обновите 

  4. dreambdtest
    26 January 2023 20:11

    Game crash after inject using extreme injecto v3. Steam version cs 1.6

  5. nelalulipop
    14 October 2022 04:43

    Amigo pero hay que apretar alguna tecla, por que hago todo y no me funciona, tengo que teclear algo?

  6. sani340
    6 August 2022 18:25

    Do I need to press any button in game to activate it? Because it doesn't work for me

  7. Zachbeale
    10 July 2022 13:34

    sorry to ask but what is the name of counter strike 1.6 in injectors?

    1. David123ForgotLOL
      14 July 2022 14:36


    2. propranamya
      13 September 2022 18:26

      Extreme injector v3

  8. bladez1471
    Real Cheater
    bladez1471 · 私はゲイです#7874
    30 June 2022 22:22

    It's working but the visual is just a simple wallhack. Not like on the index screen :D

    1. Fender
      Fender · Vanced#2806
      1 July 2022 08:27

      The screenshot has a watermark and the watermark has an ESP square :D

      Look at the other screenshots)  

New Comments
meow1254795 meow1254795

only if u share whole screen on discord  but with medal it shows in clips

nvm only if u share desktop view

thevanglee thevanglee

Opened as Admin; Launched Loader.exe; Opened Xenos injector and injected failed to inject 'WuWa-Cheat.dll' Any solutions or are we waiting for another .dll?

darioioana112112 darioioana112112

for me it says numpy is not available idk why it worked before

Espernos Espernos

does this show on sharescreen?