why is aimware such a dump

why da fuck aimware's resolver so bad, a otc jus taped the shit out of me in mm. Cfg issue?
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  1. luckerbyuser666
    Real Cheater
    23 December 2020 19:38
    AimWhere should be the new name 

  2. lambda
    Real Cheater
    lambda · soda#0495
    23 December 2020 09:04
    yesterday i played against an aimware rager and he was dumping my legit aa everytime lol

    they surrender

  3. RussianAirplane
    RussianAirplane · rus#9999
    20 December 2020 21:14
    aimware meme, would never buy that, would rather buy smthn else xd

  4. ecstasy1337
    20 December 2020 13:44
    Aimware sucks)

  5. Skiez
    Real Cheater
    19 December 2020 23:08
    Aimware is very good for legit cheating

    1. urmumizgayaf
      20 December 2020 11:23
      true but aw is my main cheat so good legitboot is not very impotant.

  6. David78668
    19 December 2020 19:49
    Some OTC users are really good and are a challange to V4 users aswell but they usually get outperformed.
    Yeah AW resolver SUCKS rn had like 3 AW kids dump my V4 AA.

    1. urmumizgayaf
      20 December 2020 11:24
      same lol i use otc more than i use aw lol

  7. cuderola
    Real Cheater
    19 December 2020 16:08
    aimware is just not a good cheat to Hvh anymore, I'm pretty sure aimware was good in 2017 but then 2018 started the god complex with the team and they started to give updates before even consulting betas. 

    and then people like arpac came into the aimware mod, obnoxious people that ban you for a simple criticism
    of a resolver issue. 

    in other words, if I were you, I would be extremely far away from these type of people, as they are what gives the community a bad taste in other communities mouths. 

  8. 1sp34n
    19 December 2020 14:35
    Yes, if you use aimware you need very good cfg to win. If you got one you will tap otv4 even gs sometimes...

    1. yescheats_V.2
      Real Cheater
      yescheats_V.2 · hotzz#0001
      19 December 2020 18:15
      nah m8 otv4 ten times better than aimware,

      1. urmumizgayaf
        20 December 2020 11:26
        nah, ot is now pooping on aw and skeet

    2. urmumizgayaf
      20 December 2020 11:28
      rare, i most likly be taping some BAD skeeter and nobrain player

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