i could like to know if someone is skilled enough to crack this cheat https://cheatsupreme.com/produtos/csgo/leaguepro 
and posted in the site for the community 

this cheat is a macro that has aimbot and a lot more features on it. But the biggest thing about this cheat is that is going to be undetected for ever on all anti-cheates and without updates thats why is so big of a deal. 

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  1. TC
    4aetos · Cheater· 9 · error · κωσταντινος νταλαπερας#4750
    2 January 2021 16:08
    this program is a macro that work for all the mouse and keyboards for that reason is never going to be detected by any anti-cheat 
  2. Noobzy · User· 4 · error
    1 January 2021 21:14
    Did the dev tell you it's undetected XD
  3. cuderola · Real Cheater· 66 · error
    1 January 2021 16:45
    after it gets cracked it won't be undetected anymore dude
    1. Noobzy · User· 4 · error
      1 January 2021 21:13
      100% his idea was to privately crack it just for him :)
      1. Dunkyhax64 · Real Cheater· 66 · error
        2 January 2021 01:08
        making it into a dll will remove most of its safety features so it will be alot more detected even if only he has it
      2. Best answer
        cuderola · Real Cheater· 66 · error
        2 January 2021 16:07
        I'm 100% not joking now, supreme cheats is a Brazillian cheat that used indigo, and now Osiris source code saying is 100% code by them. they're a scam cheat claiming something they can't do, be undetected forever.

        i hope they don't get any more customers. quick buck cheats are the main cancer of this community