Can I get banned for autofarming in roblox and how does it work?

Can I get banned for autofarming in roblox and how does it work? Is there an anticheat or admin banning manually?
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  1. Drugnutfreak
    16 October 2021 11:29

    so other is a chance to goet banned on roblox them selfs but its very low if u have a good paid cheat such as synapse x but the chance off getting banned in that specific game will be higher and its very posable meaning that u can be banned in a game on roblox due to multiple reasons such as an admin in that game or a anti cheat system they created or even player reports on discord but there is a chance of getting banned


    28 January 2022 11:06

    if you cheating on game without anti cheat like (Pet Simulator X) never get auto ban by system and just can ban by admin/staff if you cheating on pet simulator x can use my script i add a function to avoid ban by admin (anti ban) and injector (exploit/executor) no effect to ban your account its just inject your script And the difference between injectors is only in the power and speed of injecting,

    but some games May be able to detect your injector i dont know can or not , i using free injector every time and just get ban by using outdated script now i using synapse x and its just can inject all script and faster than other without lag when injection

  3. mine4826
    Real Cheater
    mine4826 · Atillon#3251
    11 October 2021 12:00

    yes. some game-map

    it's called "auto-ban" if something went wrong

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SnapshotMe SnapshotMe

you need to close genshin impact, because the injector is a launcher
it needs to bypass anticheat so why it starts the game open your game via using injector.exe

Desahgbasd Desahgbasd

very good cheat, but i hope u add aimbot or silent aim to it. But the cheat are great. i love it

Sarmale460 Sarmale460

The skins from inventory changer doesn't remain if i close and reopen csgo. Is there a way to keep them so I don't have to add them every single time ?

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