sus-sdk - Aimbot, Wallhack, SkinChanger

  • Developer: canofsoup
  • Status:
  • Updated: 29.03.19
  • Current version: [29/03/2019]

For a long time we did not please You with new free hacks on the well-known online game Team Fortress 2, but today everything will change thanks to the developer of hacks canofsoup, who kindly provided a free working cheat on TF2 sus-sdk. Cheat new and therefore has not yet been seen anti-cheat VAC, so You can safely use it and not be afraid that your account will soon block.

Cheat sus-sdk for Team Fortress 2 has in its functionality an extensive number of functions, ie the most necessary with the ability to adjust each function to your style of play, for example to make the function Aimbot aggressive or Vice versa invisible. Cheat also boasts beautiful visual effects ESP (Wallhack) with which you can see your enemies through the walls. In sus-sdk was also added a working SkinChanger that will decorate your game with the ability to modify the appearance of weapons on any other trading platform Steam.

UPD: SkinChanger doesn't work.

Free Download sus-sdk - Aimbot, Wallhack, SkinChanger

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The file has been deleted
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    12 August 2020 22:11

  2. kyiev
    5 May 2019 20:04
    WHich is the aimbot key?

  3. gold lion
    7 April 2019 20:10
    im baned ;-;

  4. Deliko
    3 April 2019 20:52
    how i can inject?
    And keys?

    1. itzlit
      Real Cheater
      itzlit · ITZLIT#6217
      3 April 2019 23:41
      Get a injector from this website
      Press insert (i think)

  5. Gengar360
    31 March 2019 17:17
    how do i inject the dll?

  6. kuba8pl3
    30 March 2019 14:23
    Aim bot Key pls ?

  7. SoyGoty
    Real Cheater
    30 March 2019 09:42
    too bad the skin changer does not walk :(

    1. HanZ
      3 April 2019 16:11
      Walk? :DDDDDDD

  8. mygunisbiggerthanurs
    Real Cheater
    29 March 2019 22:37
    is it ligit or rage my nigga

    1. HanZ
      3 April 2019 16:12
      Both. If you know how to set it up.

  9. Gengar360
    29 March 2019 20:40
    how do i use it?

  10. RelentlessHvH
    RelentlessHvH · P0key#2268
    29 March 2019 19:00
    Nais UC cheat guys, really nice

    1. KATE
      KATE · Brother#4367
      29 March 2019 19:50
      i love UC cheats :3

New Comments
kidpiroca kidpiroca
  1. Just like you do with any other cheat, scroll down to the download button and download the cheat files
  2. Unzip the downloaded .zip archive into any folder you want
  3. Run `Launcher.exe` from the extracted folder
  4. In the window that opens, select the game executable file `Client-Win64-Shipping.exe` (`\Wuthering Waves\Wuthering Waves Game\Client\Binaries\Win64\Client-Win64-Shipping.exe`)
  5. Once the game has opened, press `INSERT` to open the GUI
  6. And that’s it! Toggle any features you want and enjoy your brand new experience!

Brodaa77 Brodaa77

they gave an update? do you recommend something with an update?

Code006 Code006

pls add remove Text Damage or Renew one Hit